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The Benefits of Rosehip Oil

The Benefits of Rosehip Oil
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One of the oldest ingredients that is historically known as a therapeutic remedy and well quite frankly a miracle worker is Rose Hip Oil. This ingredient certainly lives up to its reputation within the beauty world, but we thought we would recap on the benefits in case you’re struggling to find a product that works for you.

So, here are some of the many benefits that rose oil has, to start off can we just mention the smell of rose hip oil is truly heavenly and makes you feel instantly fresh! but the the important bits are firstly, that it can help you with Hydration and moisture. The fatty acids help keep cell walls strong retaining any water and if applied in an oil form it is easily absorbed by the skin allowing its antioxidants to travel deep into the skin’s layers, hydrating from within leaving your skin clear and soft.

The next major positive to talk about is the exfoliation and brightness it can do for your skin. Rose hip oil has a natural exfoliation and is rich in vitamin A and C which encourages skin cell turnover boosting overall appearance of your complexion.

It also boosts collagen, this is due to being high in vitamins that are necessary to produce collagen. If you are wondering what collagen is then it is the structural protein in your skin so by boosting collagen it will help elasticity and firmness especially when aging as our body naturally produces less as we get older.

If you suffer with inflammation due to conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis causing your skin to be itchy, red and irritant, then this may be the answer. Due to the antioxidant vitamins within rose hip oil the anti- inflammatory properties will calm and soothe your skin. Calming any irritated or itchy areas. If you don’t like adding oil to your face, there are other options such as cleansers so here are some of our most loved products;

The Organic Pharmacy Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Milk- This is a gentle rinse off cleansing milk which is ideal for removing impurities and toxins from the day, as well as any excess make up. It is perfect for sensitive skin, prone to redness. This soothing and sensitive solution will leave your skin fresh, soft and supple.

Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil – This 100% natural calming and skin-strengthening rose oil works on protecting sensitive and red complexions. Massaging this oil into your face and neck in circular movements will provide a under layer for moisturisers giving you an intense hydration.

REN O12 Moisture Defence Oil – This is a super hydrating oil designed to lock in moisture. It targets tight or dull skin with natural bio- actives such as Rosa damascene oil and Carthame oil. These ingredients work on nourishing and repairing skin as well as tackling inflammation or redness.

The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream – This cream is known for is benefits to all skin types with its nourishing rose-hip blend with Ginger, Gotu Kola and Marigold. This cream will promote cell regeneration and reduce broken capillaries leaving your skin looking glowing.

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Writer and expert
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