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How To Organise & Declutter Your Makeup Collection

How To Organise & Declutter Your Makeup Collection
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Spring is finally on the horizon, and for many of us that means it’s time for a huge clean-up operation. We know that one of the areas most desperate for attention in our lives is our quite large makeup and skincare collection, and we’ve been thinking about it for a while – we don’t know where to start!

Here, we bring you everything you need to know if you’re bracing yourself for a beauty spring clean…

How to organise and declutter your makeup and skincare

Here’s how to arrange your makeup and skincare at a glance: 1. Throw away any out-of-date products 2. Clean your beauty tools before you organise them 3. Make sure you have a place for every product 4. Put everything in its home (and make sure it stays there!)

1. Throw away any out-of-date products

Using makeup that’s past its expiration date is something we’ve all done. You spent a lot of money on a product, and maybe you didn’t use it up in its 12-month lifetime – what, are you going to throw it away?

Well, yes you should! Expiration dates aren’t slapped onto your favourite makeup and skincare just to make you shell out for a fresh product. Using old makeup can cause significant damage to your skin, not to mention its consistency will start to change past its use-by date, making it less effective.

Here are some of the most shocking things that can happen when makeup has expired: • SPF in products can become less effective • Products start to dry out and become clumpy, making them difficult to apply • Molecules can break down, causing your skin to react (this can mean inflammation, redness, bumps, a rash, or even blisters) • Bacteria can start to develop in the product, which can lead to eye infections and swelling

Doesn’t sound good, does it? So, how often should you be throwing away old makeup and looking for a replacement?

When does makeup expire? You should always check the product for its specific shelf-life, but generally, you should stick to the below: • Mascara expires every 3 months • Eyeliner expires every 6 to 12 months • Eyeshadow expires every 6 to 12 months • Lipstick expires every 18 months

So, before you get to cleaning and organising your makeup and skincare collection, say goodbye to any products that are past their shelf life – your skin will thank you!

2. Clean your beauty tools before you organise them Now we’re getting there – our collection is significantly smaller and more manageable. The next thing to do is to make sure our makeup tools – brushes and sponges – are squeaky clean and ready to put away.

We recommend using a specially formulated makeup brush cleaner, like this one by Derma V10, and a brush cleaner tool. Brush Works have a great selection – just wet your brushes and sponges, add a couple of drops of cleaner, and rub them on the rough surface of the tool to remove any old makeup. (See here for more about how to clean makeup brushes and sponges.)

3. Make sure you have a place for every product So, everything is clean and ready to go! This next step is the most important if you’re going to keep your makeup and skincare arranged for more than a few days – make sure you have a place for every product you own so your cosmetics can stay organised long-term.

Here are some of our favourite makeup and skincare organisation techniques: • Keep things tidy and separated in bags (and bags within bags!) • Put plastic containers inside your makeup drawer to separate different kinds of product • Invest in a vanity case • Use organiser cases to keep everything together • Separate your products into organiser drawers • Use glass, plastic, ceramic or fabric pots for makeup brushes (half-fill your pot with coffee beans or uncooked rice to keep your brushes upright) • Use a handing shower caddy to keep things off your shower floor

Don’t know where to start? LaRoc has a great selection of organiser cases, drawers and makeup brush stands.

When you’ve figured out what you need to organise your makeup and skincare properly, you’re ready for the final and most rewarding step of the process…

4. Put everything in its home (and make sure it stays there!)

Finish up by putting all your makeup and skincare away. Stand your brushes in pots, organise your makeup by product type (if you have a lot of it) or just move your daily products into a single makeup bag. Arrange your shower products into a caddy or into containers and put everything in its place.

Now everything has a home of its very own, make sure it stays there! Don’t forget to refresh your collection any time a product might have expired (if it lasts that long), and enjoy your new organised collection and your new clear head, just in time for spring.

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