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Retinol Treatments That Actually Work

Retinol Treatments That Actually Work
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When it comes to this power-house skincare ingredient, it’s probably safe to say we’re all in need of a retinol rulebook. It’s that one ingredient you hear about that has something to do with anti-ageing but you’re just not sure. Today, you can wave goodbye to all confusion because we’re telling you everything you need to know!

Most importantly, you have to build up a tolerance. It’s an intense ingredient to produce visible anti-ageing benefits but increasing cell turnover, stimulating collagen and producing more elastin. All of these will help you on your journey to firmer, smoother and more even skin.

It’s Never Too Early

Your 20’s is the best time to start using retinol especially if you suffer from breakouts or pigmentation. As retinol is all about cell turnover, you should use retinol products for three months and then take a three-month break.

There Are Some Side Effects

Like any other skincare product, retinol doesn’t work for everyone. If you suffer from rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, it’s likely to be too powerful for your skin and may increase inflammation. The best way to find out whether any retinol product will work for you is to start out with a low strength. After doing so, it’s best to seal it all in with a moisturiser to soothe the skin.

Wondering When And Where To Apply It?

Gradually introduce retinol into your skincare routine and limit your use of it to once or twice a week to begin with. Then you can slowly increase your intake depending on how well you tolerate it. A small amount at nighttime to clean, dry skin while avoiding the eye area is ideal, and a half an hour wait before applying other skincare products will make for optimal results.

Wondering what products are out there and where to start?

Look no further, we’ve done the searching for you…

Dermalogica AGE Smart Multivitamin Power Firm 15ml, £37.99

This powerful, firming complex helps combat lines around the delicate eye area. With this product, you can accelerate your skin's natural repair process with AGE Smart® Vitamin A (Retinol) as antioxidant vitamins C and E improve elasticity while scavenging free radicals. Silicones shield vulnerable skin, acting as a protective barrier against further assault.

The Organic Pharmacy The Expert Serums Value Set, £88.95

If you’re looking to try out a few different serums including retinol, this Expert Serums set contains: Four Acid Peel Serum 30ml Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30ml Retinol Night Serum 30ml Stabilised Vitamin C Serum 30ml. What better way to find out what works for you than to try out a few different pieces of kit?

Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinol Pads 60pc, £54.95

Introducing the ultimate retinol miracle, where the power of science meets nature. Philosophy has combined the power of pure retinol with nourishing superfood oils for an efficacious formula designed to comfort the skin. Featuring pure retinol and a retinol-like complex powered by alfalfa extract to help strengthen skin's natural renewal process. Comforting superfood oils including pomegranate, olive, argan and amazonian sacha inchi oils, known to be rich in fatty acids, help counteract the typical irritation and dryness of retinol. Plus a healthy dose of antioxidants: potent forms of vitamins C and E help protect skin from damaging free radicals.

Super Facialist Retinol Anti-Ageing Night Cream 50ml, £16.99

This unique anti-ageing treatment cream is designed to work through the night – when the skin is believed to be the most receptive. The cream is enriched with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and proven collagen-boosting active to target wrinkles and lines.

Retinol 15 Minute Mask (x5), £6.99

Are you more of a mask-er? This Retinol Anti-Aging Sheet Mask is an intensive, vitamin-enriched treatment that improves the look of skin’s firmness and tone while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This saturated custom mask adheres to the face for targeted treatment and visible results.

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

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