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Coquette Perfumes: A Guide to Feminine Fragrances

Looking for a hyper-feminine fragrance that screams flirty and fun? Well, you’re in the right place. From light and fresh scents to flirtatious and floral notes, we’ll explore the key elements that define coquette perfumes and how they embody the playful charm of the modern-day coquette. What is coquette core? This year, a captivating new […]


Does Pheromone Perfume Work?

Have you heard about the recent phenomenon of pheromone perfume? This lust-attracting scent may have piqued your interest but what actually is pheromone perfume or cologne and most importantly, does it work? Keep reading to find out. What is pheromone perfume? To understand pheromone perfume, let’s first break down the pheromone biologically. Pheromones are chemicals […]


The Best ‘First’ Perfume and Aftershaves for Teenagers

When teenagers enter the world of fragrances, it is not only about the brand they’ve chosen but it allows them to discover a scent to help them develop a personal statement. You always remember your first perfume, so it is great to start them off with a perfume or aftershave they won’t forget. The smell […]


Our Bedtime and Bedroom Fragrance Wish List

Did you know that scents can directly impact your mood? In fact, our senses are powerfully and intrinsically connected to our emotional state. Scents can be a nostalgic trigger, an energetic stimulus, or just as equally provide a calming effect. So, when it comes to the bedroom, you must consider your options and select the […]