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The Best Shavers & Epilators for Home Hair Removal

The Best Shavers & Epilators for Home Hair Removal
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We aren’t here to tell you it’s time to start thinking about hair removal – we’re all for letting it grow if that’s what feels good. Body hair, who cares – right?

If, however, you have decided it’s time to start shaving, plucking, and buffing your way to smoother days, we have some good news for you! There are loads of easy-to-use home hair removal products available, so you can avoid costly trips to the salon.

The best hair removal technique for you

Waxing and epilation involve pulling hairs out from the root – ouch! Most people who choose these methods will tell you the pain gets better with time, but it still isn’t for everyone. Read our hair removal tips and decide how you want to take on the job – whether you go for wax, epilation, or shaving, the immediate results will be the same.

Electrical Hair Removal

If you’ve chosen electrical hair removal – good for you! Electric body shavers and epilators can be more expensive than one quick trip to the salon, but you’ll be able to use them again and again and maintain your silky skin without damaging your bank balance in future.

Before you get stuck in, make sure you’ve exfoliated the part of your body you’re going to shave or epilate.

Here are some of our favourite body shavers that you can use at home:

Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator

Braun know about hair removal, and this Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator comes with six extra heads, giving you complete control over the areas you target. With the ability to remove hairs that are as fine as a grain as sand (you know the ones), this epilator also features massaging beads around the cap, which help to make it one of the least painful electrical hair removers out there – win-win!

This handy little epilator works wet or dry, so you can take it into the shower or bath with you and let warm water and soft bubbles distract you from the plucking. Use it on your legs, bikini, underarms, and anywhere else you like for up to four weeks of smoothness.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit

Prepping for a beach holiday or just keeping things tidy, the Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit is the answer to all your bikini-line woes.

Why do we love it so much? Firstly, it’s a shaver, which means no painful plucking – yay! This dinky bikini shaver comes with an exfoliating brush to help you prep and fend off any ingrown hairs, a mini screen shaver attachment, a cleaning brush, and even a little storage pouch. It’s showerproof, too, so you can get the job done while you’re waiting for your conditioner to work its magic.

Magnitone GoBare! Rechargeable Lady Shaver

This cute compact tool from Magnitone is one of the best lady shavers we’ve tried. It gets rid of unwanted leg, bikini, and underarm hair in a flash, and the process is totally pain free, which is always a bonus.

The GoBare! shaver works in wet or dry conditions, so you can shave before or during your shower or bath. And, because the razors are guarded, your shave won’t cause any irritation or redness – perfect for sensitive or sunburnt skin.

For more hair removal tips, or makeup, skincare, or lifestyle advice, keep exploring the Fragrance Direct blog!
Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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