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Why Wearing SPF All Year Round Is Your Anti-Ageing Secret Weapon

Why Wearing SPF All Year Round Is Your Anti-Ageing Secret Weapon
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First things first – what does it stand for and what does it actually mean? SPF, aka, sun protection factor, refers to the amount of protection a product offers against the sun’s damaging UV rays. The number on the label, in fact, refers to a theoretical amount of extra time you can spend in the sun until your skin is truly exposed. For example, if just after 5 minutes you feel a slightly tight, burning sensation, SPF30 would increase that time by 30 until you felt that way. Got it? Let’s continue.

UV rays are pretty lethal. Considering the fact that they have the power to cause skin cancer and premature ageing while remaining naked to the human eye is pretty scary, right? In addition to this, they’re present all year round, no matter the weather. Did you know that approximately 80% of UV rays still make their way through clouds? What’s more, if that water, sand and even snow reflect them. It’s a problem we can’t avoid.

Even in the colder months and the dark, wet winter we all adore (not), while our bodies tend to be pretty covered up, our faces are still very much exposed. In a day and age where we’re finally lucky enough to have moved away from all the old-fashioned pore-blocking formulas that were utterly terrible, we should be making the most of newer skin technology. We’re in an era where SPF has met luxury skincare.

SPF + Luxury Skincare = Soulmates

Today we’re showcasing three standout SPF products that you just need to try! In order of affordable to high end, each one is 100% worth investing in to truly save your skin…

Guinot Age Sun Anti-Ageing Sun Eye Cream SPF50, £21.50, RRP £38.00

Featuring a very high protection formula specifically designed to fully care for the eye area, this cream from Guinot protects the skin against the harmful of effects UVA and UVB rays. It also shields against blue light rays and their harmful effect on skin ageing.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream SPF30, £49.99, RRP £82.00

This daily moisturiser with SPF 30 protection gently resurfaces the skin by stimulating the natural cell renewal cycle. This skin-smoothing day cream is perfect for treating yourself to a touch of luxury in the skincare department.   

Dermalogica AGE Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50, £62.99, RRP 66.50

Achieve absolute hydration with this incredible product from Dermalogica that helps defend against the internal and external causes of skin ageing. This medium-weight, emollient daily moisturiser with Broad Spectrum SPF50 contains their classic AGE Smart ingredients that are just to die for.

How do you look after your skin all year round? Are you guilty of only topping up the SPF in the summer month when you go on holiday? Trust us, you’ll thank yourselves later when you’ve invested in quality sun protectants for not only your body but your face too. Come on now, who doesn’t want younger looking skin?

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Writer and expert
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