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What Product You Should Be Using Based On Your Star Sign

What Product You Should Be Using Based On Your Star Sign
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There’s just so much to think about when buying your next new beauty product, what price should you be paying, which shade should you be buying, who knows! We think it’s best if you follow your star sign and let the universe do the talking… Read on to find out which product you should be using based on your star sign!


An Aquarius is not only a free spirit, but fabulous too! You love your independence, and you’re not afraid to experiment when it comes to your look. You should opt for the La Roc Artistry Palette, this palette is so bold and bright, it will definitely display your creative side!



You might already know this, but Pisces is a water sign, that basically means that you need to be glowing no matter what time of the day. Choose something that creates an effortless glow but also provides you with the right amount of heavenly hydration for your skin! Try the Nuxe Dry Oil, you won't regret it.



The Aries symbol is of course the fierce and fantastic horns of a ram, so no doubt you love a strong, contoured complexion! Become bronzed to perfection with this Max Factor Contour palette and thank us later...



If you’re a Taurus, you’re likely to be a lover of luxury, don’t worry we get it, not any old product will do! We know it’s true, so try out this Dermalogica Eye Serum, it’s supercharged vitamin C formula will dramatically change your under-eye area. 



Gemini is represented by the twin symbol of Castor and Pollux, so double up on your products to see the best skincare results. This delightful duo by Philosophy has a Geminis name written all over it!



If you’re a Cancer then you’re probably a little bit more on the sensitive side… so, take care and be kind to your skin. Try using this L’Oreal Moisturiser, it’s specially formulated liquid has been produced with delicate skin in mind. 


Leo’s are super duper confident, you don’t mind standing out from the crowd, and you certainly wouldn’t say no to a statement makeup look. Leo’s should try to create a bold, bushy brow with the SOSU brow kit, this way you certainly won’t be missed!


Virgos, you’re practical and perfectionists, we know that you always want to make sure that every part of your look is 100% put together. That’s why we recommend that you use the Australian Bodycare Shampoo, it’s made with tea tree oil to ensure that your hair stays silky soft all day long!


Librans lust for grace and elegance, whether this be through your personality, or even through your makeup, it’s always a must. To really show off your preppy persona, you need to be using a bright blush that makes your skin pop! This Lily Lolo Blush is stunning and it comes in 6 different shades!



Mysterious and mystical, a Scorpio is always on the hunt for deep and darker shades of lipstick. Try this Note Matte Lip Gloss to find your inner dark side!



A wanderlust-filled sun sign who is bursting with energy and willing to try anything new! If you’re a Sagittarius who’s always curious for the next new product, weird or wonderful, then use this CBD Peppermint Spray to stay fresh and free from any stress. 



Oh so you’re a Capricorn? We know just how ambitious you are! You strive to complete any challenge you start and won’t back down no matter what. That’s why we know that you’re committed to having the perfect skin. Use this Radiance Renewal Mask by Ren to combat congestion on your face. 

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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