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The Best Hair Brushes To Suit Every Hair Type

The Best Hair Brushes To Suit Every Hair Type
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Hair brushes play a big part in preventing tangles and reducing hair breakage. Whilst it might be easy to remember to detangle your hair, finding the right tools for your hair type, skill level and budget can be a task of its own. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best hair brushes that will help you to perfect your ultimate tangle-free locks, read on to find out more...

Wet Brush Smooth and Shine Round Brush Fine Hair

For the perfect blow-out with minimal pain, effort and breakage, the Smooth and Shine Round Brush from WetBrush effortlessly and painlessly removes knots and detangles without pulling, snagging or damaging, thanks to its bendy and flexible bristles. Part of the WetBrush break-free collection, the brush’s award-winning bristles and barrel wrap each strand with the brand’s own vita-boost complex that combines strand-boosting keratin and biotin to help reinforce hair and reduce frizz with every stroke.

Mad Beauty Disney Villains Maleficent Hair Brush

If you’re a die-hard Disney fan then you’re going to adore this brush. This magical Maleficent themed Paddle Brush offers a deviously delightful way to detangle and style your locks! Transform your hair with this unique and fun hair brush by Mad Beauty. Plus it’s only £6.49 too.

Wet Brush Mens Leather Detangler Black

This Wet Brush for Men will easily and painlessly remove knots and tangles from wet hair. It contains thin, strong and flexible Intelliflex bristles that glide through any type of hair and the detangling brush also has soft tips at the end of the bristles so it massages the scalp as well as stimulates circulation at the follicle. This brush is firm enough to banish knots yet flexible enough to be kind to your hair and scalp and the Intelliflex bristles are designed to bounce back to their original form after every brush, which helps to reduce hair breakage and damage. The versatile hairbrush can also be used on dry hair, wigs and extensions!

Olivia Garden Pro Thermal Brush

Blowdry your fabulous hair to perfection with the Olivia Garden Pro Thermal Brush. This unique brush uses innovative technology to heat the blow dryer, giving your hair the bouncy blow dry that only hair salons can produce! This lightweight, ergonomic handle features comfort grip surfaces, making it easy to use for styling and drying. The brush also features anti-static bristles and maxi holes for even faster drying.

Wetbrush Paddle Black Detangler

Designed with a large surface area, the gentle paddle brush expertly teases out tangles while helping to spread conditioning treatments through wet hair. Its heat-resistant HeatFlex bristles allow you to detangle while blow-drying, gliding effortlessly through tresses to ease out knots with less pain and breakage. Also has an AquaVent design for fast drainage and easy clean-up. Suitable to use on any hair type, this clever brush will effortlessly detangle your hair and keep it happy and healthy.

Wet Brush Detangler Black Mini

The ultimate mane saving tool, The Mini Original Detangler effortlessly detangles wet, or dry hair without stretching or breaking your delicate strands. Ergonomically designed with a sleek, shiny handle, this is ideal for eliminating post-wash knots and reinvigorating your scalp – as well as for smoothing and separating dry hair (including both real and synthetic extensions). Suitable for all hair lengths and textures, this brush will change your life – particularly if your hair is notoriously uncooperative, or you have children who balk at the prospect of grooming. Perfect to carry around in your bag or to keep handy on your bedside table!

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Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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