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Primers, Are They Worth The Hype?

Primers, Are They Worth The Hype?
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Primers are often overlooked as a makeup essential. But anyone in the know will tell you that a primer should be a firm fix in your makeup kit. Just like other base products like foundations, you can find primers to suit your skin type, and tackle your own particular problem areas. Whether that's large pores, or a red, uneven skin tone. Finding the best primer for you will take a little research, but here's what they do, and how you can use them to create a flawless look.Smoother skin

One of the best things about primers, is that they create a smooth surface for you to work from. Applied after your moisturiser, you can either massage it in before your foundation or BB cream, or mix them together. This will give you a silky-smooth base to work from, and add to a glowing, fresh-faced look. Some great buys include the Technic Smooth It Smoothing Face Primer, and the Hylamide Finisher Pore Delete Surface Perfector.

Soft, youthful looks

Your makeup will always look better and feel great if your skin is soft and supple. Primers work with your moisturiser and foundation to give you softer skin, banishing a tired, dull complexion. Smart, hard-working products like Dermalogica's Hydrablur Primer gives you a luminous appearance, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. And the Glo & Ray Colour Correction Tinted Make up Base adds a healthy shine without creating an oily base.

A lasting base

It's all about the base! If you want your makeup to stay put, as well as keeping that lovely hydrated, fresh glow, a primer will work wonders. Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer is made to hit all the plus points of a good primer, including softening and smoothing, and it extends makeup wear. Another great choice is Ultra Glow's Prime + Perfect, which gives you that all-important hit of moisture, and keeps your makeup in place all day long.

An even complexion

If you're prone to redness, or blemishes, a well-suited primer will give you a way of evening out your skin tone, making your foundation work harder. The Technic Anti Blemish Primer is designed for skin with imperfections, and includes salicylic acid & aloe vera to minimise those troublesome breakouts. Other options include Yurily's easy-to-wear Anti Redness Primer.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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