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The low-down on Liner!

The low-down on Liner!
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FD are going to give you the lowdown on liner...

Are you ready to draw a line under boring eye makeup?

Here's all you need to know about the different types of eyeliner out there - and the effects they'll create. It's time to give your eyes some serious wow factor:

Liquid Eye Liner

How it looks: Clean lines in bold, richly-pigmented colours.

Perfect for: Defining the outer lash lines - upper, lower, or both.Not so good for: Soft or smoky effects, and cannot be used on the inner rims of the eyes.We love: The retro-inspired looks that liquid eyeliner can create. Think dramatic flicks or chunky, 60s-inspired doe-eyesWear with: Bright red lips for full-on glamour, or give it a fresh twist for summer by opting for bold pink lips instead.

Pencil Eye Liner

Check out:P.I.A Waterproof Kohl Eye Pencil, £0.99.How it looks: Soft, smoky, but buildable: aside from gel, pencil is the only eyeliner you can smudge and blend, and it is the easiest to work with.


Perfect for: Lining the inner rims of your eyes, creating a wash of colour, layering the depth of colour by blending and smudging, and even by heating up your pencil to get a thicker, blacker line.Not so good for: Precise details or staying put (especially in hot weather!)We love: The classic smoky eyeWear with: Nude lips and a touch of bronzer for a sexy, smouldering look that lets your smoky eyes do all the talking.

Gel Eye Liner

Check out: L'Oreal 24H Super Liner Gel Eyeliner, £5.99.How it looks: An intense, almost wet-look line of colour.Perfect for: A bold, deeply-coloured line that you can smudge slightly, meaning it's easy to press right down into the lash line for full-looking lashes and a really defined eye.Not so good for: A subtle hint of colour - gel makes an impact! It needs to be applied with a brush so may not be the best choice on-the-go.We love: How easy it makes the feline flick! Just grab an angled brush, load it with gel and press it down twice on to the outer edge of your eyelid to make a point, before filling it in.Wear with: A wash of brown-toned eye shadow underneath for captivating, but not overdone, eyes.

Felt Eye Liner

Check out:W7's Automatic Felt Eye Liner, £2.75.How it looks: An ultra-thin, precise line with an intense colour.


Perfect for: Precision detailing and beginners.Not so good for: A soft or smoky look, or a thick, dramatic line.We love: The graphic results felt pen eye liners are great and you can be as wacky as you dare!Wear with: Flawless skin, nude lips and low-key hair: you don't want your 'do and your eye liner art vying for attention!

Glitter Eye Liner

Check out: NYC Showtime Glitter Eyeliner, £0.75How it looks: Bold, colourful, wacky or subtle - wear it as you will!


Perfect for: Party time of course! However, glitter eyeliner is also great when you just fancy brightening up your day-to-day look. Light-reflecting particles will give you a twinkle that's gorgeous alone or layered over other types of liner or eye shadow. If you don't have a steady hand, opt for a glitter liner with sparkle set in a clear base - you won't have to worry about sticking to a clean line.Not so good for: Mature eyes. Glitter can sit in skin wrinkles, making them appear more pronounced. Try an eye shadow with a subtle sheen instead.We love: This for a disco-ready eye!Wear with: Natural lips, delicately flushed cheeks and flawless skin for a fresh, fashion-forward look.

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Writer and expert
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