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Wedding Makeup Inspiration

Wedding Makeup Inspiration
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This time of year, often brings a surge of wedding invitations through the letterbox. As it is such as exciting occasion it often comes with the added stress of what to wear. For a wedding we often try to be the most sophisticated version of ourselves and today we have pulled together all the greatest make up looks perfect for attending someone’s special day.

The first look is the ‘au natural’ this is inspired by the current trend ‘no makeup, make up’ look. You want to keep your foundation shade a complete match to your complexion or work a concealer into the skin with only a touch of bronzer on the cheekbones. Your eyebrow should be sculpted framing your face, completed with a fluffy eyelash. For your lip use a neutral tone with a balm to give you a healthy plump look.

Product tip: The Guerlain Ecrin Sourcils Eye Brow Kit – Comes with three powders, a highlight and a double applicator. The highlight for under your brow will give you that light but the little brushes are good for giving you the shape and creating a sharper edge.

Our second look is the ‘Sophisticated Sparkle’, this is a hint of silvery shimmer to your eye lids complete with mascara. Using a blusher brush dust lightly a pink tone onto the cheeks to highlight your smile with a light touch of highlighter on your cheek bone. This will give you a summery glow perfect for fairer complexions.

Product Tip: The Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Pink Rose is a soft textured blush that will applying evenly to your face giving you a natural sheer finish.

Our next inspiration that we really love would be the ‘Cat Eye’, this is a timeless to go look that is easy to create with the right eyeliner and brush. Your eyeliner should follow the shape of lid and add a flick on the end elongating the shape of your eye. This look compliments any complexion you are just remembered to keep your eye bows light and fluffy - nothing to heavy.

Our next look would be a ‘golden goddess’ vibe, using your cat eyeliner skills from the previous inspiration work a line onto your eye to give definition. Some people like to use a foundation a shade darker than your normal complexion to give you a sun kissed look, nothing too drastic if you are already glowing don’t over do it. For this look a dewy complexion works well, using a bronzer add shape to your face and highlighter to give you a glow on areas such as your cupids bow. Finishing off the look use a nude pink undertone on the lip, don’t go to dark with a brown undertone as this is a glowy look.

The ‘Smoked Eye’ is a look we often fall back on, but for a wedding we don’t want anything to dark or over powering. Work a gold shimmer onto the lid to brighten up your face but continue to work the smokey shade under your eye giving you that warmth. Due to your eyes being centre of attention keep everything else fairly neutral.

Product tip: The Daniel Sandler Beyond Sunset Eye Shadow Palette comes with four shades and will allow you to complete all these looks. Complete with a pigmented silver and gold shade it also has a warmer matte beige and brown to blend with.

The ‘Peach Glow’ is a stunning look, use a foundation that is going to give yourself a dewy complexion, giving you a fresh-faced appearance. With a natural and eye and brow, use a peach blush to subtly give you definition. Then to finish the look use a gorgeous peach, pink lipstick to pull the look together with a gloss over the top.

Product Tip: Bourjois Rouge Laque Shiny Finish Lipstick in Self peach. This is a bright shade of peach if you are wanting a intense look, it is a long-lasting product with a glossy formula which will flawlessly apply to your lip, with this product it is a wand applicator so there is no need for a lip liner.

If you don’t feel peach is your colour opt for the ‘Copper Queen’ and using a bronzey, copper shade work it into your crease. This look works well with a matte complexion, so working your powder into your T-zone to take away any shine then work your bronzer into your cheekbones. A glossy lip again will add a warm glamour to complete your look.

Lastly this iconic look is often reworked for night or day, ‘Iconic Red’ is a look relies on a matte flawless complexion, no harsh contouring or bright coloured eye tones. Keeping everything neutral on your face then using a red lipliner outliner perfectly outline your lips and fill in with a bright red lipstick. Anything to dark with purple undertones is more appropriate for an evening do, you want to keep it bright and uplifting - nothing to seductive.

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