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The Ultimate Lazy Day Routine

The Ultimate Lazy Day Routine
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The sun is shining through your window, the birds are singing, and your To-Do list can wait until Monday - it’s time to treat yourself to the ultimate lazy day. 

The word “lazy” is often considered negative. Somewhere along the line, being “busy” became a source of pride and something to strive for. But all it takes is a quick look at the amount of stress and burnout people are facing to know that something has to give. Even during summer, with BBQs, weddings and other social events eating into your all-important downtime, the sunny days can too easily pass you by. So, stop to smell the metaphorical roses and spend a day avoiding anything that doesn’t refill your cup. 

Turn off your phone notifications. Put on your favourite tunes. It’s time to get lazy. 

Setting The Scene

Give your day the vacation vibes it deserves by channelling the essence of your favourite holiday destination. Whether it’s a fresh breeze off the Mediterranean, a fruity cocktail in the Canaries, or the scent of woodland around Lake Garda - there’s a scented candle that will fill your home with the perfect fragrance.   

If you’re looking for inspiration, try Yankee Candle Coconut Splash to return to the tropics, or perhaps WoodWick Lemongrass & Lily for a taste of Thailand. For a subtly-boozy beach vibe, you’re sure to love WoodWick Seaside Mimosa, or if you just want your home to smell ultra clean and fresh, you can’t go wrong with Yankee Candle Baby Powder.

Get Yourself Ready For A Big Day In

The ultimate lazy day has no rules, so if you want to roll right out of bed and stay in your PJs - you go right ahead. However, if you want to make the most of it, why not incorporate a little pampering into your day?

Start with a steamy shower or long soak in the tub, using an indulgent bath or shower gel for that spa day feel. Not only will the heat help to relax any tight muscles, but the gel will nourish your skin and leave you lightly fragranced. Catching delicious whiffs of delicate fragrance throughout the day is a gift that keeps on giving, so ordinary soap just won’t do. You may even want to spritz on your favourite perfume - just for you. 

There’s something quite empowering about making an effort for no one but yourself, so whether it's a squirt of your signature perfume or that bold lipstick you haven’t dared to wear yet, don’t hesitate to add it to your lazy day.

Choose Your Brand Of “Lazy”

The next step is to decide how you want to spend your day at home. It’s a great idea to do some brainstorming in advance so that you don’t have to go online (and inevitably end up going down a social media rabbithole). Create a list of potential ideas, and then see where the day takes you. Pinterest is a great resource for this, and will give you ample inspiration. 

Preparation really is the key to the perfect lazy day. There’s nothing worse than popping on a face mask and deciding to bake cookies, only to realise you need to pop to the shops for butter. Plan for all eventualities, and you can ensure you don’t have to step foot out of the house on your lazy day. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Binge-watching funny or frivolous TV shows 
  • Reread your favourite book, or start a new one
  • Potter around the garden, only doing the bits you like 
  • Bake sweet treats or cook a meal you’ve been dying to try
  • Dance around your living room 
  • Order in takeaway 

Your perfect lazy day probably won’t look the same as someone else’s, so don’t get caught up in what you “should” do. Put your own stamp on it and enjoy every minute.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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