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Valentine’s Nail Inspo We’re Crushing On

Valentine’s Nail Inspo We’re Crushing On
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As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking about getting those nails on point for date night. Whether you’re looking for bold nail art and themed designs or a subtle twist on a classic, you’ll find the best Valentine’s nail inspiration in this line-up. From Pinterest to TikTok, Cosmo to the catwalks, there are thousands of ideas for Valentine’s Day nail makeovers. Browse some of the top picks below and book in to see your technician pronto; she’s going to be busy this year.

#5. LOVE Nail Art

One for those who want to combine brains and beauty, this style is a fabulous way to bring Valentine’s inspiration into your look, particularly if you’re not a fan of reds and pinks. Using either transfers or a very steady hand, paint the letters and corresponding Scrabble scores to each nail before sealing with top coat.

This certainly isn’t one to try at home, so find a local nail tech who specialises in intricate designs as opposed to regular shape and polish.

#4. Red and Pink Ombre

You just can’t beat an ombre nail, so why not get inspired by the Day Of Love and opt for ombre nails in a colour synonymous with the season. Take a quick look online at “ombre nails”, and you’ll soon see how versatile this look is - matte or gloss, glitter, metallics, tips in every shape; your only limit is your imagination. 

Red ombre is a notoriously difficult gradient for even the best nail techs to achieve, but pink works particularly well in an ombre look and is much easier. However you do your ombre, it’s sure to be a knockout look for Valentine’s Day. 

#3. Sultry Coffin Tips

Valentine’s just got naughty. There’s something super seductive about red coffin tip nails. Whether it’s the shape of the nail itself or the deep shade of red, one thing’s for sure; there’s nothing sweet and innocent about this look.

Another great style if gems and nail art just aren’t your thing, this look is all about the flattened tip and finding that perfect hue of red. Pillarbox red just won’t work here, instead look for a deep, sultry shade that works for your skin tone. 

Love the look but don’t want to visit the salon? For an at-home option, try Elegant Touch Steel The Night False Nails.

#2. Heart Tips

You’ll look cute as a button with this Valentine’s Day take on the classic French tip. So simple you can do them at home, “heart tips” are an easy way to bring subtle seasonality into your nail care, without the need for additional tools, jewellery or effort. 

To achieve the look, after shaping your nails paint one half of the heart in a solid brushstroke, then the other half. Finish with a top coat, and you’re done.

While the design itself is fairly straightforward, there are some truly awful #nailedit issues that can arise from this style. To avoid a DIY disaster, keep these tips in mind:

  • This style only works on pointed tips. Rounded or square nails will make your hearts look more like trotters - you’ve been warned.
  • Choosing the right colour is a must - a vibrant, blue-toned red works best.
  • Use a rounded nail brush for the easiest application. 

#1. French Manicure With A Twist

A look that’s so symbolic of romance and femininity it gets two places on this list, French tips are a great way to look pulled together and elegant. But this is Valentine’s Day, so ordinary nails simply won’t do. Instead, combine your French manicure with a little seasonal flair, courtesy of a well placed red heart. 

You’ll find various versions of this look, ranging from a single heart on one finger to hearts of all shapes and sizes. Tailor it to your personal preference, but make sure to keep the underlying manicure the star of the show. 

For an at-home option, decorate your French manicure false nails before applying them to get the most polished result.

Feeling inspired? Shop the full range of nail colour and false nails at Fragrance Direct.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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