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Introducing: Marc Jacobs Daisy Skies

Introducing: Marc Jacobs Daisy Skies
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Capture the serenity and infinite horizons of a sunny afternoon by the ocean with Marc Jacobs Daisy Skies. Inspired by the blue open sky and warm rays of sunshine, this new collection of three spring/summer signature scents is refreshing, blissful and totally serene.

Inspired by the bright blue sky over a sun-kissed sea, the Daisy Skies bottle is reimagined in luminous shades of blue and the iconic daisy cap is crowned with a cluster of translucent and opaque yellow daisy floral petals. At the centre, a gold accent adds an element of sophistication. Let yourself be transported to a world of blooming daisies and abundant sunshine with the Marc Jacobs Daisy spring limited edition perfume.

Meet The Three Signatures

Daisy Marc Jacobs Skies

This first of the trio is a feminine scent with a blue mineral accord and yellow lotus flower, combining to create a fresh floral aquatic sensation, wrapped in comforting sandalwood and musk.

Daisy Love Marc Jacobs Skies

Next up is the iconic Love edition. This one is a feminine scent with top notes of salt accord mingled with yellow ambrette flower, creating an addictive natural freshness that lends itself to a sophisticated dry down of blue crystal moss and blond woods.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Skies

Finally we have the beautiful Eau So Fresh edition: a feminine scent with a harmonious blend of blue tea, yellow chamomile, and violet creating an elegant herbal opening, balanced with the creamy softness of cedarwood.

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Fresh. Uplifting. Vibrant. Three new sparkling scents dressed in shades of green and pink. Capturing the airy essence of nature and the innocence of spring; the Daisy Spring Limited Edition Perfume for her are a seasonal twist on the classic Daisy fragrances. With inviting bursts of pink rosebuds and rosewood blossom paired with spicy cardamom for texture; Daisy Marc Jacobs Spring creates a fresh feeling of elegance. Transport yourself to a world of blooming daisies and lush greenery with the Daisy Spring Limited Edition Perfume.

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Writer and expert
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