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BB Creams

BB Creams
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The beauty market is currently saturated with thousands of BB products, all claiming to banish blemishes, perfect the skin and lock in moisture. But which one do you choose from this ever growing list of products? We've narrowed it down to a few BB creams that we think will be perfect for you (including one with a very unusual ingredient. Read on to find out more).

But before we begin, what EXACTLY is a BB cream? Also known as a 'beauty balm' which is often likened to a moisturiser, BB cream sets itself aside from your usual beauty regime. Although it helps to moisturise the face, BB cream takes things one step further by adding hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to regenerate the skin. Initially, the product was created by dermatologists to aid laser skin surgery patients. Although foundations and tinted moisturisers trick us into thinking our skin looks flawless, BB cream provides genuine benefits for the skin that have a long lasting effect that you can't simply take away with a make-up wipe after a long day. Depending on your preference, you can use BB cream as a foundation or a primer. Either way, it aids the skin in not just looking healthy, but feeling healthy as well.

There is a slithering substance currently making its way through the beauty trend atmosphere and it's just arrived at Fragrance Direct HQ in the form of Snake Venom BB Cream by Balance. Before we tell you more about the product, are you thinking 'Why would I want to apply snake venom to my face?!' We felt the same way, but after doing our research, it turns out that a whole range of products are jumping on the snake venom bandwagon. Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Tulisa have converted to the craze and we've figured out why.

A key ingredient called 'Syn-ake' has been introduced to a range of make-up formulas . Syn-ake is a neuropeptide that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper Snake's potent venom. This means that it instantly lifts the face, freezes muscles and plump, fine lines whilst getting rid of wrinkles. Still not convinced? Just take a glance at Victoria Beckham's complexion to see why this relatively new trend has turned into a bit of a craze.

So, back to one of our newest lines ' Balance Snake Venom BB Cream has arrived in the shade Universal. Now that you know this product is infused with exotic ingredients likened to snake venom, you can expect your skin to have more radiance, more moisture and less imperfections.


Balance BB Cream

Another new BB cream line this week is T Zone Anti Blemish BB Cream, also in a universal shade. This product is infused with tea tree, witch hazel and illumiscin ' ingredients which are commonly used to combat spot prone areas. This BB cream is non-greasy, so it won't clog those important pores and with the addition of anti bacterial agents, your skin is prepped with the best defence against impractical breakouts. Expect your imperfections to be masked and your complexion to be smoothed with this new line.


Tzone BB Cream

Channel your inner Kate Moss and have a look at the Rimmel BB cream, 9 in 1 Super Make Up in light and medium shades. It adopts the name '9 in 1' as it provides 9 skin perfecting ingredients in just one simple product. It promises to prime, moisturise, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smooth and mattify the skin.


Rimmel BB cream
Another line which has caught our eye is Bourjois Une Intuitive Touch BB cream. Bourjois claim to make a product with seven 'miracle' virtues and to get these; all you have to do is apply the BB foundation with the touch of a finger. Aside from the fact that this BB cream can smooth, unify and boost the radiance of your skin, it also has the delicate scent of the lotus flower which is sourced from a natural origin and therefore won't irritate the skin.


Bourjois Une BB

The cheapest of our BB creams is only £2.99. The W7 BB Magic Cream is a product which blends to your skin tone while hydrating and moisturising your face. This product requires no tools or tricks of the trade, simply use your fingers to smoothly blend the foundation into your skin and create a soft, dewy appearance.




What are your thoughts on BB creams? Will you be testing out any snake venom products? Let us know by either commenting below or getting in touch via our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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