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Fragrance Finder: Top 5 Expensive Smelling Perfumes

Fragrance Finder: Top 5 Expensive Smelling Perfumes
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FD Selects: Top 5 Expensive Smelling Perfumes

Have you ever caught a whiff of a really good perfume and thought; wow, that smells… expensive? Certain scents exude luxury and opulence, though it is hard to put your finger on exactly why.

In this fragrance guide, we’ll understand the scent profiles that create an expensive-smelling perfume and find out how you can start smelling expensive yourself.

What is an expensive smell?

What comes to mind when you think of an expensive smell? Is it the leather of a designer handbag, the salty air on-board a yacht in the middle of the Caribbean or the aromatics of champagne and cigars at a day at the Polo?

‘Expensive’ might smell a little different to everyone, but in the perfume world, expensive-smelling perfume often refers to a complex blend of high-grade ingredients that evokes elegance and sophistication.

What is an expensive scent?

An expensive scent doesn’t necessarily refer to the price tag. Expensive scents often use the rich and rare notes of oud, amber and delicate florals.

Expensive-smelling perfumes also tend to linger in the air with impressive silage (the trail created by perfume when it's worn on the skin).

What is a luxurious-smelling perfume?

A luxurious-smelling perfume will have you feeling like royalty with every spray. Expensive-smelling perfumes aren’t contained to one scent profile either, so whether you want to smell expensive every day or specificallyfor your special day, there’s something for everyone.

Our top 5 picks

Keep reading to find the perfume that will have you smelling like a million bucks…

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum 

YSL Libre Eau de Parfum Spray blends orange blossom, vanilla and blackcurrant with base notes of vanilla, cedar, ambergris and musk to create a deliciously expensive-smelling perfume. Each spritz is designed to give the wearer confidence and sophistication through its rich-smelling notes.

Elegant and modern, this perfume is the perfect accessory for a night out to a posh restaurant or exclusive bar.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum

Described as a ‘sensory explosion’, this expensive-smelling perfume follows a similar profile of alluring floral notes and warm woody undertones. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum is afloral bouquet in perfume form that opens with top notes of tea, bergamot and freesia before developing into a heart of Jasmine, cattleya orchid and centifolia rose. At the base, the florals meet an irresistible base of amberand patchouli.

Whether you’re heading to the opera or just to your local cinema, this coquette take on an expensive-smelling perfume is sure to turn heads.

Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa 

One of the most masculine scents byniche perfume house Acqua Di Parma,Colonia Intensa conjures the image of a wealthy gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life. Top notes of lemon, ginger, cardamom, citrus and bergamot open the fragrance, followed by a savoury heart of cedarwood, myrtle, artemisia and neroli. At the base, notes of musk, patchouli, leather and benzoin give the fragrance a warm finish.

Pair this expensive-smelling perfume with your suavest suit and favourite watch this wedding season to ooze wealth and success.

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Solar Violet Eau de Toilette

Sometimes the best expensive-smelling perfumes are understated, with an if-you-know-you-know simplicity, and Issey Miyake fragrances are the epitome of this.L'Eau d'Issey Solar Violet Eau de Toilette is made with 90% natural origin ingredients including 100% natural origin violet, sourced in Egypt.

The fragrance opens with juicy, solar pear notes before blossoming into a heart of violet and a silky base of Iris. Delicate yet enticing, this scent is a symbol of good taste that can be worn every day as a small dose of luxury.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Absolu For Him Parfum Concentré 

Searching for an expensive-smellingperfume that will last all night long?Jean Paul Gaultier's Scandal Absolu For Him Parfum Concentré has an addictive, gourmand woody accord that reeks of royalty. This decadent fragrance stuns the senses with a gourmand chestnut note underpinned by sandalwood and a gilded mirabelle plum base.

Intensely concentrated, application in the morning will see you through to the night and is one of the best expensive-smellingperfumes for men. This fragrance would

makethe perfect giftfor anyone in your life who dreams of living in the lap of luxury.

More fragrances this way…

Ready to switch up your perfume for something that oozes expensive? Explore the full collection to find a fragrance for everyone.

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