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FD Presents: New Season Edit

FD Presents: New Season Edit
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As we start to move out of the summer months and further towards the dreaded winter, your beauty routine needs a bit of a transition too' We've got some tips to make sure this season isn't a windswept and bedraggled one.

Opt for a thicker hydrating moisturiser ' In the summer months we all want the minimal amount of product on the skin, fresh BB creams and light moisturisers tend to do the trick. However moving into autumn, your skin needs a bit more tlc. Opt for a thicker, protective cream to create a barrier against the elements. We recommend Elizabeth Arden First Defence Cream , it has the added bonus of SPF 15, as even in the darker months we still need to make sure we're protected against the rays!

Counter redness with CC Cream ' In autumn skin can become generally just blotchier; central heating and cooler winds all contribute to this. In order to counteract the redness, go for a colour correcting CC cream to even out all levels of blotch. It will neutralise any unevenness in your skin tone and give you a healthy glow that will last all day. Try this Clinique Superdefense CC Cream.

Go for Braids ' Luckily for us braids are still all the rage at the moment as we transition out of festival style into the autumn weather. Braids are perfect for battling against the wind and rain, they tuck neatly under a hood, don't blow around and get stuck on your lip gloss and best of all no need to worry about frizz! You can stuff any types of tresses into this style and keep it all under control with the classic L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray. Simple! Now you just need to get practising your halo braids, fishtail braids, French braids'

Brighten under eyes with concealer ' A major downside of the cooler months is that it can leave under eyes looking and feeling parched. The enhancement of the purple along with dry under eyes makes you look like you've had 0 hours sleep, not ideal. Make sure you pack on a super hydrating eye cream before bed like this one from Yes To Carrots to give a boost to the eye area. Next up you need a high coverage, pigmented concealer to banish those dark circles. Make sure you don't pick a product that will go too cakey on the skin as this will just have a counter effect, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is perfect as is the right amount of dewy and coverage.

selection of seasonal beauty products

Don't put away the highlighter ' Highlighter works perfectly with all our summer make up looks, but don't pop that sheeny goodness away for hibernation just yet. It's essential for keeping the complexion looking glowy and hydrated throughout the autumn/winter months. Think dewy glow rather than ice queen and opt for a cream or liquid based highlighter. It will instantly give skin a pick me up and make you look healthier. Go for this one from Technic to help you look like you are glowing from within!

Opt for a berry lip ' Once we hit September we start to see everyone move towards the warmer berry tones for the lips. Swap out the orange and pinky hues and go for a blue toned lip colour. A cooler light comes over in the winter months and you need a lipstick with a blue undertone to complement the skin much better. We recommend Chili from Mac Matte Lipsticks as it's a gorgeous dark red that will suit all skin tones. When using darker lip colours though make sure you are using a good lip balm to counteract the inevitable chapped lip, a darker pigment will just show up dry and chapped lips even worse! These cute EOS lip balms are perfect for this and handbag friendly! Bonus!

Transition from bronzer to blush ' In the summer months we all swirl on the bronzer like it's going out of fashion but come September/October you want to move onto a pop of blush on the apples of the cheeks. Inevitably our skin is paler in the winter months and you don't want to be bronzing up so much you end up with a face that doesn't match the rest of your body. Add a hint of pink to the cheeks to give you that fresh faced glow instead. We love this Bourjois Cream Soleil Blush.

The Messy Bun answers all your prayers ' It is the ultimate 'throw it up', guaranteeing an extra ten minutes in bed on these darker mornings, downpour proof, frizz proof and wind proof style. It will keep hair secure and any wispy tendrils that may happen to get blown about in the breeze just add to the 'messy' look you're going for! Use a small tooth comb to back comb slightly and tease into the bun, this Opal Crafts Comb works perfectly.

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