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Valentino: Born In Roma

Valentino: Born In Roma
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“I’m more Roman than Italian. You don’t have to be born in Roma to feel like a Roman”

Founded in Roma in 1960 by Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti, Maison Valentino is an Italian couture house steeped in romanticism, color and craftsmanship, that became renowned for its international fashion influence.

Under the creative direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli since 2016, Maison Valentino creates an aesthetic of extraordinary modernity and beauty. Mixing innovation with tradition, haute couture with street culture, different universes with different times, intuition with legacy, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino is a harmony apart.

Into this world without conformism, Valentino Beauty is born. Under the new global licensing partnership with L’Oréal, Maison Valentino creates beauty that is an open playground to dream anew. It’s a vision defined by the inseparability of “bellezza” “colore” and “inclusività” through which Pierpaolo Piccioli has propelled Valentino into modern cultural relevance.

An invitation to celebrate yourself every day, for its launch, Valentino Beauty celebrates Roma, as it exists in the mind.

Two fragrances where reverence for the past meets an irreverent attitude for now.

Two fragrances for women and for men.

Two fragrances resolutely Born in Roma.

Roma: Where reverence and irreverence collide. Once the seat of power, Roma, its rich history, its art and its glamour, lives in the mind as in the world, in the world as in the mind. It’s the Roma Pierpaolo Piccioli travels to from his home village of Nettuno every morning. It’s the Roma he leaves behind every night. It’s the daily dialogue between past and present, the dreams and the real.

As an haute couture dress takes off in a motorbike’s rush, notes steeped in fragrance classicism are reconstructed with a contemporary twist. Each fragrance of tensions is protected in the armor of Valentino’s iconic Rockstud. The disruption of classic perfumery to create an entirely new harmony.

Celebrate and dare to be: A story where Roma is a character per se “Looking to the street with the memory of the past and the reassurance of knowledge.” “Roman streets as a symbol of free thoughts and the layering of cultures and aesthetics.”

At Valentino, creation is always a dialogue. With its native city Roma, the conversation is enriched every day. It’s a dialogue immortalized in the image of a black leather jacket and the colorful walls of the city. It’s Valentino muse and Born in Roma star Adut Akech wearing an Haute Couture gown to kick a ball around a magnificent palazzo.

It’s the Roma where Valentino’s seamstresses make their way to the Atelier in Piazza Mignanelli every day.

It’s the city the aristopunks adopt in their minds: where the city beats with the cultural glory of its art, its cinema and its people, inherited, respected and reimagined.

It’s what happens when those dreams hit the street.

Born in Roma, Donna In this rewriting of olfactory tradition, master perfumers Amandine Marie and Honorine Blanc,1 redefine what can be considered feminine in a fragrance to make a scent entirely new: a Haute Couture floriental modernized with a woody overdose. Born in a trio of Jasmine flowers selected among the best varieties in the world. Blended with Vanilla Bourbon, one of perfumery’s most expensive ingredients. Into these rich layers of haute perfumery, Amandine Marie and Honorine Blanc infuse the cool kick of Pink Pepper and a woody, animalistic overdose. In an irreverent twist.

Born in Roma, Uomo In this men’s story designed to disrupt, master perfumers Antoine Maisondieu and Guillaume Flavigny,2 create an unexpected modern touch: an aromatic woody Vetiver reignited in the mineral coolness of salt. 1 Firmenich 2 Givaudan Born in a blend Violet leaves absolute and smoked vetiver. Classic until the minerality infuses. The spice of ginger, the mineral salt, the radiance of a modern woody note. These sophisticated and modern accords have been inspired by Roma itself: the city where elegance has always intertwined with modernity, where classicism is magnified by edgy and vibrant life. A delicate subtle and yet unforgettable chemistry that has now been captured in gorgeous bottles.

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