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The Best Scents for Spring and Summer

The Best Scents for Spring and Summer
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The warmer months are here, which means longer days, more time outdoors, and the chance to show off a sizzling new style. Whether you’re all about the floaty dresses or prefer to keep it casual in shorts and a tee, your spring-summer scents are a perfect way to finish off your vibe.

Your spring-summer perfume will be the backdrop for sparkling cocktails, sizzling skin, and all the good times that warm weather brings. You’ll want to choose a fragrance you love, and one which suits your personality. Lots of perfume brands create exclusive edition scents for summer, while others have collections that practically scream sun. Whatever type of spring-summer scent you choose, we’re sure it’ll help lift your mood this season.

Choosing a new fragrance for spring and summer can be tricky. With so many options from lots of favourite brands, who knows where to start? We’re here to give you a hand choosing your new seasonal perfume, so you can feel great while you’re enjoying a little sunshine this year.

Choosing a spring-summer scent to suit your style

The easiest way to narrow down the search is to decide which ‘scent family’ is your favourite. The four most prominent scent families include floral, woody, oriental, and fresh. You probably have a go-to, even if you don’t know it. Take a look at your existing perfume collection and try to figure out which category your best-loved bottles fall into.

If you still aren’t sure, head to a department store and get sniffing! Look out for collections which clearly fall into one of the fragrance families, and see if it’s something you like. Lots of people can never imagine themselves wearing floral or fruity perfume, and others wouldn’t dream of choosing anything else. Once you know your taste, choosing your new spring-summer perfume will be straightforward.

The best spring-summer floral perfumes

Floral fragrances come into their own when the sun’s shining. Flowers bloom in parks, forests, and gardens, providing a beautiful backdrop for all our favourite spring-summer activities.

Match your perfume to your surroundings when you choose one of these sweet, light options to wear all summer long.

Any of these floral and flirty fragrances will be perfect for spring and summertime. Or, try something from the Marc Jacobs Daisy collection. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh is an excellent option for refreshing notes that work perfectly on hot days.

The best spring-summer woody perfumes

Try a woody perfume this spring and summer for freshly-cut grass and the scents of the forest. Woody perfumes are perfect for evening wear, while they also make a great daytime option if sweet and floral fragrances don’t suit you. Here are some of our favourite woody perfumes for the warmer months.

The best spring-summer oriental perfumes

For a unique and captivating option, try an oriental perfume this spring-summer season. Oriental perfumes work well from day to night and often last longer on the skin than lighter options. Whether it’s sunset drinks or a delicious meal al fresco, one of these oriental fragrances will have you feeling great.

The best spring-summer fresh perfumes

Fresh perfumes are the most popular choice for summer, and it’s easy to see why. Fragrances that are created with summer in mind tend to have more fresh notes than anything else. This means they’re comfortable to wear for bright and breezy days and casual nights. Throw on your favourite summer outfit and a spritz of one of these fresh, energising perfumes for a perfect warm-weather mood.

Once you’ve discovered your favourite summer perfume, there’s no reason you can’t wear it all year round. Apply a spritz of your spring-summer scent on a rainy day to evoke memories of brighter times. It’s a sure-fire way to lift your spirits!

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