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The Ultimate Guide to Facial Cleansing

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Cleansing
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Skincare can be a little overwhelming. From serums to toners, and how often to wash your face to what to wash it with, there’s a lot to factor in.

A good routine is important for maintaining your skin, so we’re here to point out the biggest skincare mistakes and show you what our favourite products are and how to use them.

Worst skincare mistakes 1. Not understanding your skin

When it comes to a skincare, you need to make sure your routine is tailored to suit you. A big mistake that people make when deciding what products to use is ignoring what type of skin they have.

It sounds simple but understanding the skin you’re in is the biggest difference between a successful routine and one that does more harm than good.

The most common skin types are:

• Oily – shiny or greasy T-zone and visible pores • Dry – maybe some fine lines and wrinkles and prone to tightness and barely visible poresCombination – consists of two skin types, oily and dry, in different areas of the face • Acne Prone – skin will be extremely oily and prone to blackheads and whiteheads • Aging – wrinkles are present, possibly with some pigmentation

2. Not using the correct products

Many people ask whether they can wash their face with only a bar of soap and water. Unfortunately, no matter how expensive the bar of soap is, it will not help your skincare one bit. Soap strips your skin of moisture, instantly creating dead skin cell build up.

To effectively wash your face, a good cleanser is a solid investment.

Using the right products in the right order is vital. If you don’t layer correctly, you risk your products not being fully absorbed and might miss out on the full benefits.

Start with lightweight formulas and move on to heavier creams to ensure your skin gets the best treatment without blocking your pores or causing piling (those tiny balls of product which build up when you’ve applied too much product).

The best order for skincare application is:

• Cleanser • Toner • Spot Cream • Serum • Eye cream • MoisturiserOil • SPF

This might vary depending on which products you decide to use in your routine.

Top skincare tips Cleansers For oily and acne-prone skin

Cleansers are a major key to unlocking an effective skincare routine. Depending on your type of skin, you should consider different types of cleansers. Both oily and acne-prone skin types should try a foaming liquid, such as Guinot’s Microbiotic Purifying Regulating Foam. This airy foam will help break down dirt and clear pores.

For dry skin

Those with dry skin should try creams or lotions. Products such as the Garnier Start Afresh Cleansing Lotion are great at clearing the skin while hydrating it at the same time.

For ageing skin

A melting balm is perfect for aging skin. The rich, buttery substance of balms such as the Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm means they melt into a liquid when rubbed onto the skin. These are super soothing and can be used without water to dissolve heavy makeup.

For all skin types

Any skin type can use a micellar water (like NUXE’s Rose Petal Micellar Water), the staple of any French skin routine. This soap-free option avoids dryness whilst clearing up oil and dirt. It doesn’t need to be washed off after use, simply wiping will suffice.


A good exfoliator is important for giving your skin that all-important glow. Exfoliator works by removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

As ever, it is important to pair your exfoliant with your skin. For example, oily skin works well with a charcoal exfoliant such as the Purity Plus Charcoal Face Scrub, whereas dry skin should use a mask, like Uriage Hyséac Exfoliating Mask, rather than a scrub as it is gentler and less likely to irritate.


Moisturiser is perfect for rejuvenating tired skin and can help keep wrinkles at bay. Those with dry skin should look for a thick, oil-based moisturiser, like the Alumine Nourishing Buriti Oil Moisturiser, as this will help replenish natural oils. For combination skin, gentle and balanced moisturisers are key, making Guinot’s Hydrazone Toutes Peaux Moisturising Cream a great choice.

Keep exploring the Fragrance Direct Blog for more skincare and makeup tips, from the lowdown on revolutionary Korean Skincare to help perfecting your 15 Minute Morning Routine.
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