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Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers
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As all glasses-wearers know, no matter how much you love your frames, they sure are a nuisance when it comes to makeup.

Whether it’s your lashes brushing against your lenses, feeling like your eyes look small under your specs, or the struggle to see while you’re applying your products, glasses can seem to take all the fun out of your makeup routine.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the way. We have some great tips to help glasses-wearers when it comes to applying makeup. Let’s go!

1. Use a magnifying mirror

You can’t really wear your glasses while you’re applying your make up, and it can be tricky creating a flawless look with impaired vision.

A magnifying mirror is a handy investment which can help you see what you’re doing more clearly and make your application a lot smoother.

2. Think about your lashes

A pet peeve for many glasses wearers is that irritating feeling of your lashes brushing across your lenses, and the black marks that mascara can leave behind. A great way to avoid this feeling and the mucky marks is to try curling your top lashes.

Clamp at the base of the lashes, then hold the curler for five to ten seconds while you lift. You should achieve a fuller lash look but without over-lengthening. Pair this technique with long wearing mascara applied at the root of the lashes and not the tips. This is great for volumising your lash look whilst keeping your glasses crystal clear.

If you’re going to wear false lashes, make sure you go for the right type. Volumising instead of lengthening lashes is the key to avoiding glasses problems without skipping on the effects.

3. Match your glasses to your look

You should treat your glasses like an extra accessory that adds to your look, not one that detracts from it. The eyeliner you use should depend on your glasses. If your frames are thicker, you’ll want to apply a thicker line to your upper lash line, making sure your eyes stand out. If your frames are thinner, a thinner line will work, softening the look.

Also consider avoiding black liner, which can look harsh beneath the magnifying effects of glasses. Try an elegant navy or burgundy colour, as these tend to suit all skin tones.

Try to ensure your lipstick and eye shadow colours don’t clash with If your frames, too. The hues you choose should match all the way through your look, especially if your frames are a bright colour.

4. Keep your brows groomed

Glasses have a habit of drawing attention to the face, and specifically the brows. Keeping your arches defined and well-groomed can make all the difference to your make up look.

Pluck, trim, or wax away any unruly hairs and use a pencil or powder to fill in any sparse spots. A pencil is best for definition, while powder is great for a natural yet filled in look.

5. Enlarge your eyes

When wearing glasses, the trick is knowing how to make your eyes look bigger. There are a couple of easy but effective ways to make your eyes pop. Start by trying a nude eyeliner on your lower lids. Some glasses have the effect of shrinking your eyes but using a white or nude liner in your water line can help accentuate them.

Stick to the nude and neutral tones on your top lids as well. They’re winning for eyeshadow, keeping your eyes from looking too heavy under your glasses. Try some of the bestselling eyeshadow palettes from Morphe or Anastasia Beverly Hills which will be perfect as they contain many different colours and will be ideal for both day and night make up.

Highlighter is another way to really enlarge your eyes. Using a shimmery pink hue (with a yellow undertone) or a champagne shimmer, highlight directly underneath your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes.

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