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Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials
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Now that holiday season is here, we have gathered some top tips on how to make the most of those final few gym sessions before the big beach body reveal. From melt proof mascara to workout enhancing gadgets and stylish sports bras, we've teamed up with health and fitness club, Anytime Fitness and online retailer, Coco Bay to ensure you pack your gym bag like a pro. Our top tips for Makeup in the gym

During a sweat session at the gym, our pores open and the sweat clears out all the toxins in our skin. Wearing a full face of makeup gets in the way of this, causing trapped dirt and breakouts to happen. The best option for your skin is to go bare faced, but for those looking for a little confidence boost on the treadmill, here are some more gym friendly options.

1) Foundation - When picking products for your skin, look for lightweight and breathable coverage options. Oil free and powder foundations are less likely to settle in your pores. For those who are happy with a lighter coverage, tinted moisturiser is a great option. Try Dermalogica Sheer Tint for a light coverage and all day hydration.

2) Waterproof mascara - Nobody needs an eye full of mascara during boxercise, so use waterproof mascaras to keep those panda eyes at bay. Bourjois Volume Reveal Waterproof Mascara will give you all the volume and staying power you need.

3) Lip Tints ' A Kardashian pout might be a little too much for the gym, but lip tints give the perfect amount of glamour and stain the lip so it won't rub off during your workout. Try one of these Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Sheer Tints.

4) Fixing spray - To help your makeup stay in place during the torturous spin class, try using a fixing spray. Use W7 Matte Fixing Spray to get a matte finish whilst preventing smudging.

5) Makeup wipes ' For those brave enough to go bare faced in the gym, keep a handy pack of makeup wipes in your gym bag. Try Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes to refresh and tone your skin ready for your workout.

Work out Enhancers with Anytime Fitness

Finding the motivation to get to the gym can be half the battle, so health and fitness club, Anytime Fitness have provided their recommended gym essentials to cut out any excuses, and help you take your workout further.

1) Water bottle and water ' This is a must-have! If you're dehydrated, research shows that your fitness levels can dip down as much as 10%. Preferably, refillable water bottles should be aluminum or special glass and as a last resort, plastic bottles.

2) Two towels - You should have one small towel for use on the gym floor and one shower towel with you. It's vital to have the small towel with you all the time while you're training, both to wipe the sweat away and to be considerate to other members by wiping down equipment after you've used it.

3) Heart rate monitor - You might have a smart watch with you but if you don't, then a heart rate monitor is a great gym companion. This tells you exactly how hard your heart is working and is a great way to benchmark progress as resting heart rate is an accurate measure of your overall fitness.

4) Headphones ' A lot of people enjoy music as a way of channeling concentration. By listening to music and helping minimise distractions around you, you can be a lot more focused during your workout. If you use Bluetooth headphones, remember to charge them!

5) Smartphone - In a situation where you're looking to have access to workouts or exercises, track your progress, access your music or connect a heart rate monitor, your smartphone is a must-have. Fitness club providers such as Anytime Fitness have its own apps such as Anytime Workouts which supports and guides you in performing new exercises and ensure you get the most out of your workout ' essentially a personal trainer in your pocket with access to over 1,000 workouts.

However, make sure you're using your phone at the right time and in the right way, keeping on top of your social media in a busy gym when others are waiting to use equipment isn't one of those times!

Top Activewear Picks for Effortless Gym Style from Coco Bay

Feeling comfortable and confident is a major key to achieving your fitness goals so choosing good quality, well-fitting activewear is an essential part of any fitness routine. If you are new to working out, or even if you're a seasoned pro, buying gym gear should be easy and un-intimidating, but with all the different products on the market it can be hard to know where to start. We've teamed up with Coco Bay to receive 5 top tips on what to look for when choosing your essential gym pieces.

1) Get your leggings right - Choosing the right leggings can be a daunting experience when faced with the sheer amount of choice out there. It's important that you purchase a pair that are functional as well as comfortable and work with your body whilst you work out. Opt for a super-stretch, moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that will help to keep you cool throughout your workout.

Product tip: The Activewear Liquid Leggings by Body Glove are the perfect combination of practical and stylish which are super easy to wear whether you're off to a sunset yoga session, or hitting your local Pilates class. You can find them here.

2) Choose the best Sports Bra for you - Getting the right sports bra for your shape is really important, especially if you are doing any high impact exercise such as running or a HIIT session. We recommend trying a few different styles and sizes to find your perfect fit. Start with your bra or dress size, but don't be afraid to up or down size if it feels right for you. Don't forget to do a few energetic jumping moves when trying on your bra to make sure it's going to do the job you need!

Product tip: for a product with maximum support plus an attractive design, we love the Body Glove Activewear Black Quake Sports Bra with its 3-adjustment hook back to ensure the fit is perfectly suited to your shape. Check it out here.

3) Find a top that you love - Wearing the right top for your workout will not only help you feel happy and confident, but is also key to not overheating while you exercise. You'll need a top made of light weight, high-performance fabric that will help take moisture away from your body. The fit needs to be tight enough to avoid any unwanted rubbing, but if you are feeling self-conscious then opt for something a little longer or looser.

Product tip: For a real all-rounder try Body Glove's Meltemi Tank Top, a casual vest top in a relaxed fit which comes in a fabulous range of bright colours, such as this pink.

4) Throw on a pair of shorts - Shorts can be a great addition to your gym kit especially in the summer to keep you cool in the gym or out in the sun. Make sure you opt for a pair made from light, stretchy fabric that also offer plenty of ventilation.

Product tip: These Bloom Gaia Shorts by Body Glove can also be worn for water-based activities, so if you are surfing, paddle boarding or swimming, these are the shorts for you.

5. Don't forget - If you feel comfortable and confident in your workout clothes, you'll be able to exercise longer and harder. We all know it can be hard to motivate ourselves from time to time, which is why we really believe in maximising these moments and getting the most you can from your work-out.

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