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Summer Body Care

Summer Body Care
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If we're lucky, the summer is all about spending lazy days in the sunshine. Most of us look forward to the al fresco lifestyle the warm weather brings, but just like the cold winter months, the more extreme the weather, the more pressure it puts on your skin.

Looking after your body head to toe throughout the season will make you feel and look your best. It's all about knowing which areas to target, and what products to pick. So, here's what we're crushing on this year.

All over SPF protection

We can't say it enough. SPF isn't just for the sun, it should be a year-round fixture in your beauty cabinet to fight against damaging rays and premature aging. Extra sun exposure and bared flesh in the summer ramps up the need to slather on the SPF.

There are some gorgeous sun creams out there, with summery scents and all the UVA and UVB protection you need. Australian Gold Spray Gel SPF30+ is just one of our favourites. But don't forget those other sensitive areas, like your lips and scalp. A dry mist like Garnier's Ambre Solaire Dry Mist SPF 50 will help you protect your scalp. And a lush lip balm like Malibu's Lip Care Balm MMT SPF 30 will give you a kissable pout in all weathers.

Exfoliate like a pro

Oil build-up is a common issue in the summer. Environmental factors along with added SPF applications and sweaty conditions all up the oil levels across your skin. That means only one thing - you need to up your game when it comes to exfoliation.

Pay particular attention to drier areas like elbows and knees, and make sure to exfoliate a couple of times a week. The exfoliator you choose will depend on your skin type. Go for something gentle if you have sensitive skin. An in-shower body scrub like the delicious Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow Body Scrub is our preferred way of buffing to perfection.

Hair removal that doesn't smart

More skin on show results in extra hair removal for many. That can add another dimension of wear and tear on delicate skin unless you use the right stuff in the best way.

Remember to follow best practices for hair removal whether you choose to wax, shave or epilate. Exfoliate well between each session, but not just before you get ready to whip hair out. And moisturise well post-treatment. It's also worth paying particular attention to calming razor bumps and ingrowing hairs. Nad's Ingrown Hairs Treatment Ingrow Solution is one we love, with its green tea extract that soothes razor bumps and reduces the blocked pores that lead to ingrowing hairs.

Cool down and cleanse

The hotter it is outside, the more likely you're going to fancy a cold shower. But actually, turning the temperature down in the bath or shower will actually benefit your skin in a few ways. As well and cooling you down, it will keep moisture levels up, and it can reduce body acne breakouts, another common side effect for the sweatier months. While you're bathing, use a cleansing body wash like Cyclax's Natural Pure Vitamin E Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel to help minimise the signs of unsightly body ache.

Get set glow

If you really want to look luminous head to toe, stock up on rich moisturisers and glow-giving body creams. This can give you a healthy, radiant look, and helps battle against the fatigue sun, shaving and heat can have on your skin.

Pay particular attention to your legs to look supermodel chic. A body butter like Derma V10's Body Butter Coconut is a good place to start, before adding a dose of sparkle with something like Squeeky Clean's Saint or Shimmer Lotion.

Love your hands and feet

It's easy to forget your hands and feet with all the extra attention on hair removal, exfoliating and moisturising, but bared feet and sun exposure will affect those areas too.

Use an SPF on your hands while smoothing it across the rest of your body, and a good hand cream like Possibility's Raspberry Pavlova Hand & Nail Cream at night. For your feet, regularly remove dead skin using a product like Finesse's Footcare Pumice Stone and moisturise each evening with a targeted product like the magic CCS Foot Care Cream.

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