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Skin-Positive Influencers Who You Should Be Following

Skin-Positive Influencers Who You Should Be Following
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At the moment, our social media's are flooded with filters, airbrushed complexions and spotless skin. But what about those who live with regular breakouts and textured skin? We’re here to give you the ultimate round up of influencers who are providing all the skin-positive goodness you need! 


Melodie Perez, a skin-positive influencer from New York is the ultimate go-to if you’re looking for someone showcasing an honest journey to achieving glowing skin. From Accutane to Maskne Tips - this girl has got you covered!  


“Student by day, skin enthusiast by night” - Lottie tries and tests all the latest skincare products so you don’t have to! Both her aesthetically pleasing IG feed and skincare recommendations make the ultimate duo, so why not give her a follow!


Em Ford’s skin Instagram journey began in January 2014, shortly after Em developed adult acne and became a big advocate for showcasing your natural skin and loving yourself within! You may remember her from her short film “You Look Disgusting” that went viral after she highlighted the negativity and comments she receives about her skin and appearance, with and without makeup

If you’re on the hunt for an uplifting account that encourages embracing your natural skin, then @mypaleskinblog is the place to be!


Ella Gorton documents her journey with skincare, post-roaccutane. She used her platform to post helpful resources and advice on all things skincare ingredients and lifestyle. Not only this, she also has online consultations available to assist people with their personal skincare journeys. You can even give her new E-book a go too!


Winner of the Keeping It Real Influencer 2020, Kadeeja Sel Khan was previously dropped from a famous campaign after being told the brand couldn’t work with her because of her ‘skin issues’. But that doesn’t stop Kadeeja from standing proud and showing real images of her barefaced skin to help bring reality to social media. If you’re sick of seeing filter after filter on the ‘gram then follow Kadeeja for some skincare realness!


Freethepimple is the ultimate hotspot for all things candid skin. Rather than one single influencer, this page is a celebration of embracing your acne and features pictures of natural faces that have been shared by the public. Begin your journey of showcasing real skin with @freethepimple!

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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