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The Best New Fragrances for 2020

The Best New Fragrances for 2020
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If you’re big into fragrance, you’ll want to stay up-to-date with all the latest releases of the year. Boost your collection with cutting-edge scents or replace your one-and-only with a brand new option! Whatever your reason for buying the latest fragrances, you can find all the best new possibilities with us.

Let’s take a look at some of the best new fragrance releases for 2020, so your decision will be even more straightforward than ever.

Givenchy Gentleman Boisée

Brand-new from Givenchy, Gentlemen Boisée is a woody twist on the original Gentleman fragrance. Both strong and gentle, this masculine fragrance starts with spicy black pepper and coriander, then moves into cocoa and iris. Sandalwood and oriental notes finish every spritz, which means you or your lucky recipient will feel great whenever they wear it.

This woody, spicy, floral Givenchy aftershave comes in a sleek and stylish bottle too, so it’ll look great wherever you keep it.

Emporio Armani In Love With You Freeze

Onto a more feminine fragrance, Emporio Armani’s new In Love With You Freeze captures the thrill of joyful love. It’s soft and delicate, at the same time bursting with a subtle sensuality. Notes-wise, this new Armani perfume starts out with cherry and patchouli, with white musk at the back.

It’s an excellent addition to the Emporio Armani fragrance family and a perfect choice whether you’re familiar with the collection or not.

Ralph Lauren Beyond Romance

Let’s stick with the luxury releases. Ralph Lauren Beyond Romance is a beautiful new addition to the Romance family. Beyond Romance is a floral-woody perfume with elegance running to its core. It opens with fresh notes of mandarin and raspberry, moves into floral rose and jasmine, and ends on long-lasting vanilla.

In a sleek dusky pink bottle with minimal Ralph branding, this all-new fragrance is natural to fall in love with.

Calvin Klein CK Everyone

We get so excited whenever Calvin Klein adds to their fragrance collection, and this new release is no exception. CK Everyone is a new gender-neutral fragrance from the brand, with a clean, fresh scent that’ll take you anywhere.

But what sets CK Everyone apart? Well, it’s 100% vegan, made from naturally-derived alcohol and infused with natural ingredients. Enjoy organic orange oil, blue tea, and musky cedarwood in this complex and unique scent. We’re sure you’ll enjoy every spritz of this uplifting scent. And when you’re done, unscrew the pump and recycle the bottle!

Issey Miyake Fusion D’Issey

Ah, how we love Issey Miyake. The always sleek fragrances look great on our dressing tables, at the same time making us feel like our best selves with every spritz. This new addition, Fusion D’Issey, fits in with its predecessors perfectly.

Fusion D’Issey is a daring, masculine scent inspired by nature. It opens with a squeeze of lemon and sweetness of coconut water, then moves into rosemary, cardamom, and volcanic woods. This playful juxtaposition between hot and cold is sure to win you over from the first time you smell it.

Whether you choose one of these new 2020 fragrances or opt for something else, there’s never been a better time to add energy to your days with fragrance. Browse all of our new fragrances and choose the bottle that suits wherever you are in your life. We know you’ll find something you love.

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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