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New Hair Colour?

New Hair Colour?
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New hair colour? New makeup rules!

Has Angie as Maleficent inspired you to take a trip to the dark side? Perhaps it's time to find out once and for all whether blondes really do have more fun. Maybe you've always dreamed of transforming yourself into a foxy redhead and now you've finally taken the plunge'

Whichever colour adventure you've set out on, Fragrance Direct is here to ensure you're rocking the perfect makeup for the brand new you.


You've become' a blonde '½ If you've opted for warm golden blonde hair, avoid using bronzer as it'll be too close in colour to your 'do. Instead, use a luminizing highlighter to brighten your complexion, sweeping it sparingly on to cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose for a celeb-worthy glow. '½ If you're rocking platinum blonde, try a retro-inspired eyeliner flick and red lip combo - the boldness of this look works brilliantly against your statement locks. If you want a more low-key look, opt for light, pastel pink blush and a soft grey eye shadow. It's a myth that you shouldn't go platinum with pale skin, so don't feel like you have to load up on bronzer - unless you want to! Medium-blonde brows help to frame your face - which is particularly helpful since your hairline will have lost definition by becoming so light, so don't assume they need to match your new 'do.


You've become'a brunette '½ Dying your hair a darker shade can make your skin look paler, so you might want to make the transition easier on yourself by brightening up your blush and lip colour. Ditch pastel pink and nude shades in favour of a bolder, rosy-pink blush and be daring with a bright lip. Go on, give red a go! '½ If you're going for drama with very dark brown hair, your eyes will need a little more help to capture the maximum attention: use liquid or pencil eyeliner to frame your peepers. The sexy smoky eye is your new best friend, but it doesn't have to be black; grey or deep brown eye shadow will add definition to your lids without looking to 'done' - perfect for daytime. '½ If you've gone from having very light hair naturally to dying it very dark, don't overlook your brows. You may want to tint them darker (you could also tint too-light lashes while you're at it, for a fittingly jet black flutter), or simply use an eyebrow pencil or powder to create hair and brow colour harmony.


You've become'raven-haired '½ You lucky girl, you can wear a true black smoky eye like you invented the trend! While a bold lip looks fantastic on you too, don't wear them both together - instead, get some Kim K-inspired glamour into your everyday look by teaming a smoky eye with nude lips. '½ Jewel tones look stunning against your new black hair, so go for amethyst purple, sapphire blue and emerald green eye makeup for a jealousy-provoking finish. '½ For cheeks, add a bit of warmth by sweeping brozner wherever your face would naturally catch the sun, or if a golden glow is not your thing, go for beautifying blush. Thanks to your strong hair colour, you can work pastel pink shades right through to the brightest colour-pop pink cheeks, so have some fun! '½ If you've gone from very light hair to black, consider tinting brows and lashes to create colour harmony.


You've become'a redhead '½ Don't listen to anyone who tells you not to wear colours that contrast with your newly red locks. Matchy-matchy isn't always cool; bold, beautiful and fun is. Wear a bright red lip with aplomb, or go for pretty pink gloss like there's no tomorrow - as celeb redheads like Christina Hendricks prove, your hair colour needn't limit your makeup bag. '½ While red and pink tones will look fab on your lips, you'll want to invest in a tinted moisturiser or foundation to get rid of any unwanted redness across your chin, nose and lower cheeks - which red hair can emphasise. '½ A little pinkness in cheeks will look really pretty against your new locks, but keep blush to the apples of your cheeks - no lower - to avoid looking too flushed.

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