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Find Your Sound With Perfume and Music

Find Your Sound With Perfume and Music
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Like a chord in music, perfume is made up of a unique combination of notes. The character of the final product is due to its composition. The arrangement. A perfume can be loud or quiet, happy or sensual, popular or unique. Both music and perfume are forms of art but have you ever wondered if your tastes for them are embedded in your identity?We’ve done some digging through the old and new archives of both music and fragrances to find the perfect pairings. Maybe you’re a fan of the songs and will find your new signature scent. Maybe you’re already a fan of the fragrance and will find your new favourite song. Come and take a look!

YSL Black Opium & Sabrina Claudio

The Scent:YSL Black Opium

The Sound:Sabrina Claudio - Naked

A sensual song for a sensual fragrance. A sweet yet spicy, breath of fresh air. A beautiful combination. To compliment the delicious perfume notes of black coffee and vanilla, this honey-sweet, R&B track from Sabrina Claudio is just as delectable. Her silky voice takes you on a journey as she sings about undressing herself physically and emotionally: “Uncover all of my truths, undress my fears, leave me nude”. If you’re a fan of the gourmand fragrance family this song is pretty much gourmand, sonically.

Armani My Way & Masego

The Scent: Armani My Way

The Sound:Masego - Silver Tongue Devil

Got a tropical holiday booked? First, you’re going to want to purchase this gorgeous fragrance from Armani for its stunning fruity notes of bergamot, orange blossom, tuberose and white musk. Second, you need to add this island-vibe track to your holiday playlist pronto! From the first few seconds of the song, you’ll be hooked and picturing yourself sipping cocktails on a sun-lounger before you know it. Masego is a musical genius, fusing his saxophone melodies into many of his iconic tunes.

Marc Jacobs Daisy & Connie Constance

The Scent: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Intense

The Sound:Connie Constance - Prim & Propa

If you’re a fan of alternative takes and twists on the norm, this perfume-music duo is the one for you. This newest addition to the Daisy legacy is a deeper twist on the classic scent. It’s vibrant and sparkling with bursts of strawberry and pear, featuring a sweet honey heart and is balanced by a crisp green moss. This fragrance’s equivalent in the world of music? Connie’s Prim & Propa. It starts out with an instantly refreshing verse, leads to a sweet, pop-y bridge and centres around a heavy, indie, band chorus.

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight & Victoria Monet

The Scent:Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight

The Sound:Victoria Monet - All You Need

Mysterious and sensual, Viktor&Rolf’s Flowerbomb Midnight is the perfect fragrance for evening wear. The perfect evening occasion? Getting ready for a date night or indulging in a pamper session with the sweet soundtrack of Victoria Monet. Having written music for Ariana Grande, think: a sugary-sweet voice but with a dash of R&B/Soul. Featuring the dreamiest harmonies, All You Need, will whisk you away.  

Armani Code & Giveon

The Scent:Armani Code Eau De Parfum

The Sound:Giveon - Heartbreak Anniversary

Smooth, silky and airy, Giveon’s voice and the effortless seduction captured by Armani’s Code Eau de Parfum is a match made in heaven. R&B/Soul artist from Long Beach, California, Giveon, is known for his baritone vocals inspired from the jazz era. His music conveys a tranquil mood that fits perfectly with the elegance of Armani Code in its latest Eau de Parfum form. If you're looking to create a super chill ambience, this scent and soundtrack is the ultimate combo.

Calvin Klein Defy & SWMRS

The Scent:Calvin Klein Defy

The Sound:SWMRS - D'You Have A Car?

If you’re a fan of indie gigs, this perfume-music duo is likely to be your kind of style. Featuring Calvin Klein’s latest scent, Defy, with Richard Madden as the face, it’s a daring contrast of invigorating freshness and powerful woods, made up of an addictive citrus blend, earthy vetiver oil and an alluring amber base. It’s the perfect fragrance for both day and evening wear. What to listen to while you’re getting ready? This crazy SWMRS song that is guaranteed to get you moving.

Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb & CHINAH

The Scent:Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb

The Sound:CHINAH - Strange Is Better

Next up, a fragrance and a song for an acquired taste. Starting with the scent, we’ve all heard about spicy notes, but a whole fragrance created to centre on that very concept? Enter Spicebomb, an explosion of bergamot, grapefruit, cinnamon, tobacco accord, white leather, pink pepper, lavender and many more incredible notes. The perfect song to pair would be CHINAH’s Strange Is Better. It says it in the title. This three-member band from Denmark create electronic and alternative R&B. If you like the sound of this one, just wait until you discover their full discography.   

Armani Stronger With You Freeze & Camp Lo

The Scent:Armani Stronger With You Freeze

The Sound:Camp Lo - Luchini AKA This Is It

Finally, we have a classic fragrance that will never go out of style, just like this track from the American hip hop duo, Camp Lo. With just one spritz of this fragrance for him, you can smell the trendy clothes, the suave suit, the expensive car, and watch. In just seconds of the track playing, you can see him jumping in said car going about another day in his lavish lifestyle. For the lovers of timeless music and scents, this one’s for you.

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock! 

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