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Valentine’s Day Sensual Perfumes for Him & Her

Valentine’s Day Sensual Perfumes for Him & Her
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Love is in the air, and we wouldn’t be Fragrance Direct if we didn’t have a list of our favourite seasonal, sensual scents for men and women ready to share with you.

It’s been proven that scents can rouse certain emotional and physiological reactions, for example: • Lemon: can increase people’s perception of their own health • Lavender: can contribute to a good mood • Eucalyptus: can increase alertness • Rose oil: can reduce blood pressure

So, it makes sense that there are certain scents contained in the perfumes we wear, which can influence mood, and therefore sexual attraction. While many fragrances market themselves as sexy, attractive and altogether irresistible, how many of them have science behind them?

Male vs. Female Sensual Attraction Men and women are naturally attracted by different scents, so the first step to getting it right is understanding how to attract whoever it is you’re interested in.

According to research, men are attracted to scents of: • Pumpkin • Vanilla • Cinnamon • Lavender

Women are attracted to: • Liquorice • Musk • Peppermint • Leather

These sensual scents are perfect for Valentine’s day, whether you’re looking to buy a gift for someone special or to spruce yourself up for a memorable date-night. Choose one of the perfumes in our list and get ready to enjoy a night of romance!

Fragrances to Attract Women

1. Lacoste Live Male This intoxicating fragrance boasts top-notes of fresh lime, green leaves and sea, while the addition of liquorice and Guaiac Wood combine to create a subtly unusual tone.

2. Calvin Klein CK Be Often unisex, Calvin Klein fragrances are typically memorable and unique, and CK Be is no different. This fresh, woody, oriental fragrance is suited to both men and women. Imagine notes of sweet magnolia, smooth sandalwood, fresh mandarin and all-important musk

3. Coach Platinum for Men This masculine fragrance is bold, sophisticated and enticing. Spicy notes of black pepper mix with the sweetness of pineapple in its top notes, which dry down to leave behind an earthy base of sandalwood, vanilla and leather.

Fragrances to Attract Men

1. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Black Opium has risen to acclaim in recent years. The recent scent by trend-giant Yves Saint Laurent is inspired by darkness and sensual mystery. Opening with notes of coffee and pink pepper, this fragrance moves into a heart of vanilla, jasmine and orange blossom that lingers deliciously.

So, grab his attention with this indulgent scent – laced with attractive vanilla, it’s sure to impress.

2. Boucheron Jaipur Homme Communicate alluring elegance with Jaipur Homme. The surprising fragrance for men contains tones of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon, which has been proven attractive to men.

3. Lollia Eau De Parfum Relax Lollia focis all their scents on romance and luxury, so any of their offering will work for your Valentine’s Day celebration. This rich, exotic fragrance blends lavender, bee blossom honey and white orchids. Lavender is attractive to men, and even better – so is vanilla! Enjoy a double hit of sensuality with this sweet, laid-back perfume.

Choose one of the perfumes from this list and get ready for an evening of attraction and romance!


Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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