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Scent Layering 101: How To Create Your Signature

Scent Layering 101: How To Create Your Signature
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Finding the perfect signature scent is a right of passage for the modern woman. The idea that someone would smell a wonderful aroma and immediately think of you is too good an opportunity to pass up. But finding the fragrance that represents you is easier said than done. 

Perhaps you’ve had a signature scent for years, but it no longer suits your stage of life, or maybe it’s become popular, and you’re tired of smelling it everywhere you go. Whether it’s time to take a fresh look at your signature fragrance, or you still haven’t found “the one”, scent layering may be the answer. 

What Is Scent Layering?

Scent layering is the process of taking two different fragrances and layering them to create something new. The concept has been around for years, but the popularity of this method for tailoring a signature scent is growing.  

Importantly, layering doesn’t necessitate wearing multiple perfumes; you can use any scented product. One of the most common options is to apply a body lotion before spraying your fragrance of choice, the notes blending into a unique aroma. Even your bath and shower gel can influence the scent, impacting the overall bouquet that pulls through. 

How To Choose Your Dominant Fragrance

When creating a signature layered scent, the best place to start is with a “close but no cigar” fragrance that you enjoy but isn’t quite right. It’s much easier to complement something already in your collection than to start from scratch. And, let's face it, we all have a perfume in our vanity that we wish was a little less floral or a little more something

Once you’ve selected your fragrance, it’s time to deep dive into what notes go into its creation. The Fragrantica website is a great place to start, as it contains nearly every perfume known to man and gives a breakdown of the top, middle and base notes. Identifying what you can smell helps you pinpoint what you do and don’t like, which you can then use to choose a complementing layer.  

How To Choose Your Complementary Layer

Now that you have your dominant fragrance, it’s time to find the perfect addition, something that elevates your scent from satisfactory to signature. There are two ways you can approach this, depending on how you feel about the perfume you’re working with. You can either amplify what you already love about it or add something you think is missing. 

Amplify Existing Scents

Once you’ve researched the scent profile of your favourite fragrance, it’s easy to intensify the notes you like the most or wish were more prominent. If you’ve always wished Black Opium leant more into its almond note or felt that the peony gets lost in Miss Dior, you have the power to finetune it to your liking. Look for a body lotion, shower gel or fragrance with the notes you want more of and layer them to perfection.

Add Something New

For a unique signature scent, go wild and add notes not found in your go-to perfume to create a totally new scent profile. This option is also ideal for helping a perfume transition through seasons, as you can add brighter or warmer notes to make it more appropriate. Layer with lemon and bergamot to add freshness or with spicier notes for winter. You might even choose to layer a men’s fragrance with an overly floral perfume to help create more balance.

Above all, layering fragrances is an art, not a science. Explore the scents that most appeal to you and experiment until you discover your perfect signature scent. 

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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