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How to Create Beautiful Floral Headpieces This Festival Season

How to Create Beautiful Floral Headpieces This  Festival Season
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Festival season is underway, and who isn’t excited about long weekends filled with music, booze, and (hopefully) sunshine?

Festival fashion is always an exciting part of going to a festival, whether that’s wearing wellies all weekend, excessive amounts of glitter, or our personal favourite - florals! Flower crowns and other headpieces are a staple of festival attire, so we’ve teamed up with online florist Blossoming Gifts,who are sharing their top tips on making one that stands out from the crowd.

What You’ll Need

● Flowers and greenery

● Floral Wire

● Scissors

● Floral tape, or green tape

Choosing Flowers

Although you’ll often see flower crowns made from artificial flowers, if you really want to make an impact fresh flowers are the way to go. They are more vibrant, and nothing beats their fresh floral scent.The fragrance will be especially appreciated after a few days.

The only downside is that you’ll have to arrange your crown just before the festival, to ensure that the flowers don’t wilt too quickly.

The flowers you choose will depend on the look you’re going for. You will need a mixture of the following:

● Foliage and greenery

● A statement stem, such as garden roses, peonies, or sunflowers

● Filler flowers such as spray roses, stocks, and hypericum berries

For a more bohemian and wild look, choose flowers in different varieties, sizes, and colours. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more chic and understated, choose smaller blooms in neutral or soft pastel colours. Of course for festivals bigger is probably better, so we would recommend eye catching summery blooms like sunflowers and peonies.

Preparing Your Flowers

To ensure your flowers last, you will want to trim an inch off each stem using a sharp knife or secateurs. You should then put them in a vase of fresh water for at least an hour to give them time to hydrate and perk up.

Once your flowers have had some time to soak, you can cut away more of the stems. You will only need ½ inch to 2 inches of stem underneath the flower head to attach it to your crown.

Creating the Base

Floral wire is essential for creating your crown. This is a strong wire that is easy to shape, and will secure your flowers in place.

For the base, you will want to wrap a piece of floral wire around your head, and cut it at the correct length. Make sure you have your hair in a similar style to how you are planning to wear it on the day, as this can affect the way the crown fits. Try to leave a quarter inch of excess to give you some wiggle room.

Twist the ends together to create a circle. Then, wrap floristry tape around the ends several times to protect you from any sharp bits and to secure the wire in place.

Add Foliage

Greenery should be added to the base first. This will help to disguise the wire, as well as provide structure for the rest of the flowers. Eucalyptus and similar leaves both look great and are easy to work with.

Simply wrap your foliage around the wire and secure it in place with floral tape.

Attach Your Flowers

Attach your larger statement flowers first. It’s up to you how you arrange these - you could create a symmetrical crown where larger blooms are evenly spaced, or for a more rustic feel they can be arranged more randomly.

Wrap thin florist’s wire around the stem and your base to secure the blooms in place. For a festival, we would definitely recommend adding a couple of layers of wire to prevent the flowers falling off whilst you’re enjoying the revelries.

Once the bigger flowers are in place, you can fill in the gaps with smaller blooms and other elements such as branches and berries. In some cases, it may be easier to arrange the filler flowers into mini bouquets, and then attach that to the wire. This can make it easier to achieve the overall look you are aiming for.

Keep going until your flower crown is finished, then enjoy partying the weekend away with your beautiful floral creation! You can check out our fragrances here to find yourself a scent that will keep you smelling fresh throughout the festival season.

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Writer and expert
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