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Winter Wellness Tips

Winter Wellness Tips
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Winter does seem to go on FOREVER in this country and along with it comes the colds, dry or dehydrated skin and breakouts… not ideal!

Whether you’re suffering from relentless chapped lips and frizzy damaged hair we’re got some tips that can help you get through the cold days and long dark nights!

  1. Up your skincare game!

You need to adapt your skincare in the winter months, leave those light, refreshing day creams for warmer climates. During the winter months your skin can take a bit of a beating with the cold air, central heating and wind. Therefore, it’s super important to give your skin some extra TLC. Make sure you’re exfoliating regularly to remove any dead skin cells sitting on the surface, they will only exasperate your skin further.

Vitamin C is vital during the winter months to boost radiance and strengthen the skin’s barriers. Make you include a vitamin C serum or treatment into your regime.

Add a rich night cream into your routine throughout the winter months, during sleep your skin does all it’s best work, therefore introducing a rich night cream will help the products penetrate deep into the layers and work their magic!

We recommend: Dermalogica Daily MicrofoliantBalance Vitamin C Power Serum Elemis Pro Definition Night Cream

2. Banish chapped lips for good!

Cool air, reduced humidity and windy weather are all culprits of the dreaded chapped lips. Chapped lips as we all know, are dry, uncomfortable and painful.

Regular exfoliation of the lips not only sloughs off the dead skin cells, but it also stimulates healthier skin cells to come through. It’s important to make sure you keep the new skin cells protected. Use products rich is vitamin A and vitamin E as they are excellent sources of skin repair.

Applying SPF will also help keep the delicate skin on the lips protected (yes even in winter!), it acts a barrier to any external aggressors.

Make sure you stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water makes a huge difference to how hydrated your lips are so keep sipping!

We recommend: Max Factor Miracle Prep Clear Lip Scrub Bomb Donut Worry Lip Scrub Ultrasun Lip Protection & Care SPF 30 Burts Bees Lip Balm All Weather

3. Switch up your diet!

In the winter months it seems like everyone around you has a cough or a cold. The lack of sunlight and vitamin D makes it harder for our immune systems to fight off viruses, coupled with the fact the flu virus thrives in cold, dry conditions!

We need a healthy, balanced diet rich in immune boosting ingredients to take care of our bodies and fight off infection. Fill up your fridge with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies so that you can easily throw together some nutritious food when you get home instead of reaching for anything processed!

4. Give your hair some love!

Cold, windy and wet weather can play havoc with your hair leaving it damaged and windswept. Add central heating to the mix and you have a recipe for flat, dry and brittle locks that are super fragile and prone to breakage.

If you’re happy to embrace the dishevelled look then go for it, it really works for some people! However, if you prefer a more sleek, styled look then you need to incorporate some masks and treatments into your haircare regime. Adding as much moisture to the hair will help keep it healthy and strong, especially one that is rich is proteins.

Lastly, leave in conditioner is your new best friend!

We recommend:Macadamia Deep Repair Masque Label M Intensive Mask Sexy Hair Healthy Soy Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner
Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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