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FD Presents: Top 10 Tanning Products

FD Presents: Top 10 Tanning Products
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Summer doesn't always mean sun, so to get you and your beach body ready for the days when the sun does decide to come out we've chosen to pick out ten of our favourite tanning products from our website. Some super luxe, some seriously budget friendly, but all sure to have you looking your best!

The first product is the Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter, which is specifically formulated to combat dry skin. This tanner is perfect for beginners as it's so easy to apply due to it's moisturiser consistency. As with all self-tanners, our advice is to exfoliate prior to any form of bronzing, just to be sure you get an even coverage!

Next up is the St Moritz Instant Self Tanning Mousse, which just so happens to be the cheapest out of this entire bundle. The mousse texture sinks into the skin almost instantly, and dries in a flash. We recommend applying this the night before you want your lovely tan. Be sure to shower off the excess product before you leave the house!

Another cheap and cheerful tanner comes in the form of Rimmel's Instant Tan in Medium Matte, which lasts for up to 24 hours. We think this product is perfect for any quick fixes before a night out. Massage it into your skin and you're good to go!

Next we have another Fake Bake product - this time in the form of the Flawless Self Tanning Liquid. Fake Bake is famous for their amazing bronzing products, but this has to be one of our most favourite of the bunch. It's seriously easy to apply and - better yet - it doesn't give off any of those tell-tale tan smells!

For a natural glow we absolutely love the Lancaster Fast Dry Bronze Water Spray. It does exactly what it says on the tin and is great for someone a little wary of self-tanning. We like to double up on our doses of this to add a bit more oomph to our skin.

The next product is another budget-friendly option. The Studio 35 Bare Legs Only Better spray is essentially great legs in a bottle. One application and any imperfections will be visibly reduce, without any streaks. It's another great option if you're running low on time but need a quick complexion pick me up.

Another great tanning product is the Crazy Angel Self Tanning Lotion, which - much like the Fake Bake Tanning Butter - is great for anyone suffering with dry post-winter skin. The bottle comes with a pump which makes for a really easy application, but it's the colour guide that we love so much, as you can actually see where you're applying the product!

Our most luxurious pick of all has to be the St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil. As with all St Tropez products, the colour pay off is absolutely amazing, and the tan really does last on the skin, but our favourite part about this oil is the finish it gives. Ever wondered how to get Victoria's Secret legs? This is it.

Of course most tanning products are suitable for the face, but our next favourite is one that is fully formulated for just that purpose. Complete with anti-pore blocking technology this little tube is a must have for anyone that struggles with break outs, or just wants a little extra glow in the morning!

Finally is the Shiseido Daily Bronze Moisturising Emulsion, which is another great option for beginners. The product comes out looking exactly like a standard lotion, but once applied it starts to work its magic and creates a healthy touch of colour. It also helps to moisturise the skin both during and after application, so it's a win win!


Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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