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Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends
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Catwalk make-up isn't always so realistic. Models that feature on the runway have been backstage, for what feels like an eternity, being poked and prodded by professional makeup artists that have an array of makeup products at their disposal.

So here at Fragrance Direct, we've picked out Autumn's best beauty trends that will work for YOU. We've also done our homework and put together a list of products that you can use to be beauty trend ready for the new season!

The Bigger The Better
Bourjois Une Pencil

The first one is simple! ' Bold brows. It's so easy to fall into that routine of plucking your eyebrows, so that every little hair is sitting perfectly in place. Give yourself, and your tweezers, a break this autumn/winter and let them grow out a little bit. Big, natural brows are back! All you need to do is lightly fill them in with either a pencil or a powder. Our favourite is the Bourjois Une Eye Brow Pencil which is great for achieving the natural brow look.

Wine-Stained Lips
Calvin Klein Delicious Lipstick

It may sound like you need to drink lots of red wine to achieve this makeup look. Wrong! No matter how much you like that red wine, set it down and replace it with a berry shade of lipstick. This is one of those beauty trends that always circulate in Autumn/Winter and it's definitely one that's eye-catching and bold. There are lots of berry shaded lipsticks available at the minute and we think the best one for achieving this look is the Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury CrÇùme Lipstick in the shade Fusion. Pair this with a soft and neutral eye for maximum impact.

Red Metallic Eyes
Calvin Klein Glimmering Eyeshadow

Red is a colour that we tend to hesitate using when it comes to your choice of eye shadow. Don't be afraid because the futuristic shade of red, which were popular for Marc Jacobs and Robert Cavalli during their runway shows, is simple and easy to achieve. You need a strong base colour, like this Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Eye Shadow in the shade 'Retro Bronze'. Apply it all over the lid, stopping just below the brow bone. Then take an eye shadow blending brush and blend the colour upwards and outwards to achieve the full dramatic effect. There's no need to apply any eyeliner with this look. Keep things simple with a black mascara. We like the W7 Big Lash Mascara in black to achieve those long, luscious lashes.

Petal Pink Lips
L'Oreal studio secrets lipstick

Taking a step away from the usual neutral shades of autumn and winter, the petal pink lips are making a statement this season. Pink is a quintessentially girly shade which can be great for adding a pop of colour to the face. There is such a wide range of pink shaded lipsticks available on the market making it tricky finding the one that's just right for you. Our top tip is to keep things matte, so try to avoid anything with a high gloss. To achieve the 'stained' lip look, which has been popular for the new season, apply your lipstick with your finger and gently blend outwards ' we don't want the lips to look 'too' polished. For this trend, we're loving the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Lipstick in the shade 'Pink'. Not only will this product add a nice touch of colour to the lips, but you can also dab a small amount of this on the cheeks and blend outwards for a small flush of colour.

Straight and Sleek Hair
Tigi S Factor Spray

It's simple and easy to achieve, but, you will need to use the trusty help of your straightners a lot more, therefore, it's important to protect your hair while achieving this popular catwalk style. To achieve this casual cool look, prep your hair with Tigi S Factor Seriously Straight Spray. This lightweight product works to evenly smooth your hair, combat frizz and deter uncontrollable hairs. The result? ' Sleek and straight hair with a touch of shine.

Wella thermal image heat spray

To further protect your hair from the damages that heat styling products can cause, you can always prep your hair with a heat protection spray. The Wella Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray is designed to keep your hair cool while styling. It also helps to shield and protect your hair from dryness and split ends. All you have to do is spray it on your hair before applying any heat products and the job is done!

What are your thoughts on the Autumn/Winter beauty trends? Will you be trying any? Let us know by leaving us a comment below.

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Writer and expert
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