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Jimmy Choo Flash

Jimmy Choo Flash
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This week, something so fabulously glamorous has touched base here at the Fragrance Direct office. After much anticipation, lusting over and longing for, Jimmy Choo 'Flash' is now available to buy on site. We love this fragrance; if not for the intoxicating scent, then for the glitz and the glam of the bottle. There's nothing quite like a review to get us excited and intrigued by a new perfume.


Before we get started, let's take a look back at the Jimmy Choo legacy. The story began when Jimmy Choo was born in Malaysia in 1961. With a father who worked as a shoe cobbler, Jimmy quickly learnt the family skill from his elders, demonstrating a natural talent in craftsmanship from a very early age. By the age of 11, Jimmy Choo had manufactured his first pair of shoes; a touchstone moment for the boy who would later become one of the most celebrated shoe designers in the world. Starting off by opening his first shop in an old hospital building situated in Hackney, London, in 1986, Jimmy Choo soon found acclaim within the glossy magazine pages of publications such as VOGUE and it wasn't long before his designs found themselves on the feet of royalty, with the late Princess Diana being part of his growing fan base.


By the new millenium, Choo was a global brand. Fast forward 13 years and the story is still being written, with the introduction of fragrances to the famous fashion house. Flash is the sixth perfume in the Jimmy Choo perfume range, with the first fragrance released in 2011. As a relatively new player to the fragrance game, what can we expect from Choo's latest release?



Flash banner
The Inspiration


You're getting ready for a night out with your friends. You've put together the perfect outfit, your hair is sitting impeccably well and your skin has never felt so flawless. There's a rush of anticipation of what the evening has in store. You know that flutter of butterflies in your stomach? That feeling is what Jimmy Choo wanted to pinpoint and bottle as his newest fragrance. Never one to stray too far from the concept of shoes, Choo felt that the perfume should represent the feeling of empowerment when one slips their feet into that sexy pair of heels. A white bouquet of flowers is the image you should envisage when you think of Flash. Although the smell is deeply feminine, Flash wants to capture the adrenaline experienced when you're planning for an unpredictable evening in the city. Flash is a risk taker, an urban individual and a convention shaker.



The All Important Asthetics



Before we even begin to look at the bottle, we need to take a moment to drink in the packaging. The Flash box is glitzy down to a T. Sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles. It is so pretty to the eye that you couldn't imagine discarding it when it comes to actually taking your bottle out of the box. Almost like a shimmering disco ball, the Flash packaging keeps in line with the glamorous theme of the fragrance and is all round winner in our eyes.




Flash packaging


When designing the 'Flash' bottle, Jimmy Choo wanted it to be an addition to any woman's accessory collection. You know that overwhelming sense of excitement when you purchase a new pair of shoes or a handbag? That same emotion is what Choo wants you to feel when you clap your eyes on this bottle. Like a fine piece of jewelry, Flash wants you to admire the 'makeup' of this bottle. Appreciate the little touches that capture your gaze, such as the crystal palette and the mesmerizing effect the of the rigged edges. The design was made so that light bounces off the bottle, creating the illusion of a 'flash', so as to keep in line with the fragrance title. The lavender shade adds to the integrity of the bottle and this colour was chosen to represent the ultraviolet lights of a nightclub; a place where paparazzi-style photographs are frequently taken.



The Recipe



There are a lot of ingredients which go into a making a perfume the ultimate sense experience. Jimmy Choo Flash is primarily a provocative fragrance. It was created for the self confident, outspoken individual. You can be sexy and sophisticated with just a touch of rebellion when wearing Flash. Jimmy said that when he thought of the perfume, he imagined an effortlessly stylish woman, clicking her Choos through the streets of Paris, New York and London. The scent opens with strawberry, tangerine and pink pepper. Given time to settle, Flash transforms into a fresh cocktail of white flowers, jasmine and white lily. This sparkling perfume is then beautifully rounded off with a base of white, powdery woods to leave a long lasting impression.The smell is magnetic, drawing you in to the Flash 'story'.


There's not much more we can tell you about Jimmy Choo Flash other than this is a perfume to watch out for. Find our range of Jimmy Choo fragrances here. ¶ÿWe are always happy to hear what you think of fragrances as exciting as this one. Will you be taken by Flash?

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