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How To Make Your Christmas Day Makeup Last

How To Make Your Christmas Day Makeup Last
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Before we even jump into how to make your Christmas day makeup last all day and night long, first, let’s address the all-important question of when do you put it on? Are you the excited type who wants to open presents first then get ready for the day or are you ultra-organised and want to be all showered and ready to start the day the right way? Either way, here are all the tips you need to keep your makeup looking top-notch!Moisturise

An ultra-light day cream makes the perfect base for any makeup look no matter how long you’re aiming for it to last. Picking one with continuous hydration is a must-have for durability in your makeup so your moisturised skin gives the products something to hold on to. Another great quality to look out for in your moisturiser is its ability to regulate oil production as they will massively help to stop certain makeup products sliding around during the day.

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After moisturising, a step that is massively underrated is priming. To further enhance the skin after moisturising, a high-quality serum is one of the best products to create the perfect base ready to for a flawless makeup application.

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Work in light layers

Working in light layers is a great technique to control how natural or glam you’d like your look to go. If you’re ultimately aiming for higher coverage, starting with a foundation that has a breathable, light-weight quality to it would be perfect. These formulas are often enriched with additional moisture too which will help to keep your skin looking like skin even after you’ve powdered to set everything in place.

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Go waterproof

Move over diamonds, waterproof formulas are a girl’s best friend – especially at Christmas. Whether you’re an emotional present-opener or not, waterproof mascara is perfect for ensuring optimal, long-lasting fluttery-ness from day to evening. It’s also an ideal product to add to your collection to last you through to fighting summer’s humidity too.

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Liquid lipsticks all day long

Finding a lipstick with super staying power should definitely be on your to-buy list for special occasion makeup. Matte liquid lipsticks are great because once applied, they tend to last for hours on end through drinking, eating and kissing – speaking of, have you got the mistletoe ready? These formulas will apply wet then within just a few minutes will dry and you won’t even be able to feel that it’s there. It’s like magic, really.

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Spray it, set it

Finally, the last step is to set your face so you don’t undo any of the previous work you put into creating the perfect base. A setting spray also comes in super handy if you’re a fan of using a decent amount of powder to set your face makeup. However, even though powder is great to get rid of that tacky feeling, it tends to look more on the unnatural side if there is no dewiness to you skin. And that’s where setting spray comes in!

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By following all of the steps above, you’ll be able to prolong your Christmas day makeup and take the same tips with you into the new year. In addition to this, for any special occasions where mini photo shoots (aka trying to take the perfect pictures with family and friends) are likely to happen, go one step further and avoid using multiple products with SPF to limit the amount of flashback!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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