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Get The Look – Taylor Swift

Get The Look – Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift is just 23 years old country music singer who, over the past six years, has managed to rack up a host of music awards, including seven Grammy awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, seven gongs from the Academy of Country Music and 11 American Music Awards. She currently has over 35 million Twitter followers and is friends with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Kelly Osbourne. Did we also mention that she's dated heart throbs such as Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal? She also featured in the season finale of New Girl, making her first cameo in a television programme.


It's hard to forget Taylor's memorable and catchy hits, which include 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' and 'You Belong With Me'. Here at Fragrance Direct, we love her classic and easy-to-wear make-up looks that have stuck with her through her development from a teenager to glamorous young woman.

Taylor's songs are current, modern and adored by every teenage girl across the country and her sense of style always remains classic and sophisticated. Red features frequently throughout her wardrobe choices and she always gives us a lesson in how to dress for our shape. Showing off her endless legs is key to Taylor's look and it isn't hard to see why.


One beauty look that Taylor Swift has always championed is the classic red lip which instantly adds a sense of glamour and sophistication to her many red carpet looks. The red lip is often seen as a make-up look which should be kept for special occasions, such as dinners and birthday celebrations. It's also known to look fierce with a little black dress. Here at Fragrance Direct, we feel that the classic red lip has been modernized by Taylor Swift, as she wears it in a way that can be incorporated into our everyday make-up look. So, whether you're popping to the shops or you're on your way to work, you can add a touch of red to your lips and attract instant attention (for all the right reasons).

L'Oreal Primer

Taylor's skin always looks flawless and immaculate, with a subtle hint of a 'glow' along the cheekbones. To start the classic red lip look, you should prep your skin with a good, anti-redness primer, which will eliminate any discoloring in the face and also help to even your overall skin tone. We recommend the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti Redness Primer which smoothes evenly over the skin and gives you a good base to work with.

Elizabeth Arden Foundation

For foundation, you want to use a formula which will give you a healthy matte look which will help begin the flawless Taylor Swift beauty look. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Bare Perfection foundation is a light to medium coverage foundation which will leave your skin looking matte and perfect without clogging the skin or leaving you feeling like you're wearing too much product. The best way to apply this foundation is with a foundation brush so that you can achieve a flawless finish.

Real Techniques Foundation Brush

The Real Techniques Foundation Brush allows you to gradually build coverage up so that you can apply your foundation evenly and allow it to be as light or as heavy as you want it to be. It also contains ultra smooth bristles which feel delicate against the skin and allow you to achieve high definition results.

Sunkissed Palette

When wearing a red lip, Taylor Swift usually keeps things simple around the eyes, so as not to detract from the lip colour. Apply a neutral base colour to the eyes and stop the colour just below the brow bone. We really like the Sunkissed eye shadow palette for this as it contains more than enough shades to achieve the Taylor Swift look. It's made up of 12 natural shades that you can wear every day or to transition into a nighttime look. Apply the second shade on the top row all over the eyelid. Then, take a dark brown shade from the same palette and using an eye shadow brush, apply this along the crease of the eye, creating a defined eye contour that adds a level of depth to the eye look.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner

Taylor often has a cat eye flick, which is a little bit daunting when it comes to the application, but is easy to achieve when you have the right tools. We love the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Micro Waterproof Eyeliner which is like a felt tip pen for the eyes. Its thin applicator makes applying eyeliner a lot less tricky! Simply draw a line all the way along the eyelid, stopping at the outer corners. Take the eyeliner and draw a very fine line out to the outer corner of the eye. From the end of this line, draw a line back inwards towards the eye and join it with the existing eyeliner line. You can make this line as thick or as thin as you want. Just have a play around and see what works best with your face shape.

Calvin Klein Delicious Lipstick

Now to the finishing touch ' The all important red lipstick. You want a lipstick formula that's going to last but that won't dry the lips out. Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury CrÇùme Lipstick in the shade 'Eros' is a beautiful shade that applies a rich coat of deep red across the lips, working well with a range of skin tones. Its vibrant look and moisturising texture means you can enjoy a deep and lustrous colour all day long.

If you like this vibrant Taylor Swift look, let us know by leaving a comment below. If you don't just want to look like Taylor, you can smell like her too by shopping her fragrances here.

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Writer and expert
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