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5 Ways You Can Reuse Your Candle Jars

5 Ways You Can Reuse Your Candle Jars
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Candles have long been a household staple in many homes, whether you’re into super sweet scents or fresh and fruity wax’s, you’ll know that lighting a candle at the end of the day really helps to set the tone of your room. If you're left with empty candle jars and not sure what to do with them, then just follow our guide to 5 ways you can reuse your candle jars...

Cleaning your candle jar 

If you’re wanting to reuse your candle jar then it’s best you give your empty pot a good clean! To clean and empty your jar, begin with scooping out as much wax as possible from the jar, then followed by a good soak in soapy warm water. Once you’ve done that your jar should be clean and you’re good to go!

1. Pencil Pot 

If you’re like us then you probably have a whole lot of stationary and not enough storage! Worry no more, just grab your taller candle jar and use it as a funky pencil pot. You can even begin decorating your jar to add a little extra umph to your desk. Make sure you use the correct paint that works well on glass. If you’re looking for inspiration for candle pot designs, try adding some multicoloured polka dots or a bold cow print and your desk is sure to make heads turn at the office!

2. Makeup brush holder 

Makeup brushes do wonders for our cosmetic routines but they’re also a nuisance to find suitable storage for, after all there’s so many different shapes and sizes, where do we begin? If you’re not in the mood for embellishing your jar then it’s best to purchase a beautifully decorated candle, use the wax then clean the jar and pop your makeup brushes in. We’re loving this Shearer Lemon Zest Candle right now, it’s bright yellow in colour and smells amazing too, what more could you want?

3. Plant Pots

Whilst you may love having extravagant planters in your living room, you’ll know that they come with a hefty price tag too! That’s why reusing your candle jar isn't just beneficial for the environment, it’s cost-friendly also. We recommend using a large three wick candle, this ensures that the plant isn’t too big for the jar. If you’re feeling creative then add some moss and gravel to your jar, followed by a cute succulent - we promise you’re going to adore it! 

4. Tealight holder 

Whilst you may have lost your favourite candle, you can replace it with a tealight instead. Tealights are cheap and easy to get hold of. Whether it’s a warm vanilla tealight or a berry fusion one, you can easily pop one into your jar and leave your room smelling and looking great!

5. Make your own candle 

Finally the last one on our list is making your own candle. You’re probably wondering where do I even begin? First you need to start off with a wick, just trim the wick to be a few inches taller than your jar. Then use a hot glue gun to stick the metal disk on the wick to the bottom of the jar. Next you need to grab some wax and melt it, follow this with the fun part - adding colour and scent. Finally pour the wax into your jar, sit back and wait! 

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock! 

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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