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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

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Whatever style of home fragrance diffuser you have, the right essential oil can make all the difference. Whether you have an electric diffuser or a ceramic diffuser, finding the essential oil blend is, well, essential. Explore Fragrance Direct’s wide range of essential oils that will turn your home into the relaxing haven you’ve always wanted it to be, and it’ll smell as good as it looks.

The Millefiori Milano Moveo Portable Fragrance Refill contains rejuvenating eucalyptus oil, calming lavender oil, geranium and white tea to create a tranquil, balanced atmosphere while the AromaWorks Inspire essential oil contains black pepper oil to combat exhaustion and bergamot oil to boost happiness to inspire. If you’re having trouble sleeping and need to relax, then try the AromaWorks Nuture Essential Oil Blend with sandalwood essential oil to soothe nerves and Roman chamomile oil to promote sleep.

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