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The Best Heatless, Summer Hairstyles To Try This Season

The Best Heatless, Summer Hairstyles To Try This Season
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Say goodbye to hot styling tools and mid-getting ready meltdowns, it’s time to embrace a fresh line-up of heat-less, summer hairstyles. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or picnicking in the park this summer, we’ve got heatless hairstyles for everyone.

What hairstyle is best for summer?

When it comes to summer hairstyles, opt for styles that can withstand heat and humidity, whilst still looking effortlessly chic.

If you have long hair, this might be a good time to experiment with up-dos to keep you cool in the warmer months or if you have shorter locks, you might want to embrace summer boho-vibes with heat-free mermaid waves.

How to stop using heat on hair?

We all know that avoiding heat is one of the best ways to protect your hair, but going cold turkey on the straighteners isn’t easy. Introducing anti-frizz products such as Paul Mitchell’s Curls Twirl Around crunch-free curl controller or Awapuhi Wild Ginger Anti-Frizz Hairspray into your hair care routine will help keep your hair under control.

Swimming, sweating and the sun also dry out your hair, so make sure you’re accompanying your heated hair tools detox with the regular use of a hydrating hair mask.

Heatless hairstyles for festivals

Is your summer set to be jam-packed with festivals and dancing? If so, space buns should be one of your go-to heatless hairstyles this summer. Start by parting your hair down the middle with the Paul Mitchell Accessories Styling Brush 407, then gather each section into high ponytails on top of your head, before twisting the two strands of hair into coils to form two mini space buns. Secure with bobby pins and hair ties and finish with a spritz of Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze and Shine Super Spray hairspray.

Overnight hairstyles

If you want to wake up with surfer-babe waves without using heat, why not sleep with your hair in two French braids? When you wake up, brush the waves out gently and apply some Paul Mitchell Curls Twirl Around curl-holding cream so the waves stay all day. This is one of the best summer hairstyles for lazy days.

Half up half down hairstyles

Whether you have long or short hair, the half bun is one of the best summer hairstyles for girls on-the-go. Brush your hair with Paul Mitchell Accessories Paddle Brush 427 and add some volume with a small dollop of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroCream Whip. Then, gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail on top of your head and secure it with a hairband, before splitting it into three equal sections. Twirl and roll up each section, clipping them onto your head to create a messy bun. Finish with a spray of MUGLER Angel Perfuming Hair & Body Mist to keep you smelling fresh from head-to-toe.

Easy summer hairstyles

The best summer hairstyles look a lot more complicated than they are — and the hair bubble ponytail is just that. All you need is 5-8 hair ties (depending on how long your hair is). Start with a simple ponytail and then begin to add more hair ties as you make your way down the hair. To get the puffy, bubble-look, lightly pull the outer part of each section of hair.

Summer hairstyles for long hair

Embrace the clean girl aesthetic with a slick back bun. This heatless hairstyle is perfect for the summer months when you want to keep your long hair off your face. Start by brushing your hair through, then massage a hair mask through the roots (we love Paul Mitchell’s Marula Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque) before brushing back into a ponytail and twisting into a tight bun. Not only does this summer hairstyle scream summer chic, but at the end of the day your hair will be deeply hydrated, with the hair mask ready to be washed out.

Summer hairstyles for short hair

Bobs don’t have to be boring. The best way to style a bob without heat is with rollers; apply Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam styling mousse to damp hair, and then roll small sections of the hair around the rollers and secure them in place.

Leave them in until your hair is completely dry, then remove them for bouncy heat-free curls. Work a little Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil through the ends, and there you have it, a simple summer hairstyle that might be the look of the summer.

More haircare this way

Ready to elevate your summer haircare game? Explore our collection of hair care products for all the summer styling essentials needed to create the perfect heatless hairstyles.

For more hair, beauty and skincare inspiration, don’t forget to check out the Fragrance Direct Blog.

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