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Wedding Perfume: The Perfect Fragrance for Your Special Day

Wedding Perfume: The Perfect Fragrance for Your Special Day
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Choosing a wedding perfume is the perfect way to bottle up the memories of your special day, ready to transport you back to the aisle every time you wear the scent.

Though it’s not a particularly new concept, wedding perfumes have gained recent popularity by going viral on TikTok. The wedding perfume hashtag has 30.6 million views, with thousands of people sharing the process of choosing a bridal perfume on the social media app. But choosing a wedding day perfume is no easy feat; it needs to be an evergreen scent you’ll enjoy for years to come.

We’ve rounded up the best wedding perfumes to make the decision a little bit easier and keep you smelling sweet on your special day.

Why a wedding perfume is essential for your special day

Amid the confetti, speeches and celebrations, wedding days’ are almost always over too quickly. Choosing a unique wedding perfume will not only help you feel the most beautiful on the big day but will also create a sensory memory to help you relive the experience on anniversaries, date nights or whenever you wear the scent.

How do I choose my wedding scent?

From the flowers to the cake and the dress, every detail at your wedding should reflect your personality and relationship — and the same goes for a wedding scent. Consider what smells and fragrances remind you of your partner and falling in love and look for notes of these scents in the bridal perfumes you are considering.

Finding your signature wedding perfume

Different smells appeal to different people and this perfume should also reflect the theme of your wedding day. Are you wearing a classic wedding dress and want a classic wedding fragrance to match? Or perhaps you’re throwing tradition to the wayside and doing the wedding your own way, and want a contemporary and dynamic fragrance to reflect this.

The feminine wedding perfume

If you’re looking for a classically feminine scent, Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum might be the wedding perfume for you. With notes of pear, blackcurrant, iris, orange blossoms and jasmine, this fragrance is sweet without being sickly. Named after the French motto, “Life is Beautiful”, we can’t think of a more fitting bridal perfume for a wedding day.

The romantic wedding perfume

For a particularly romantic wedding scent, look no further than Valentino’s Born In Roma Donna Eau de Parfum. This distinctive and luxurious couture fragrance is made up of three types of jasmine flowers and blended with bourbon vanilla. The result is a sensuous perfume with a contemporary edge for the modern bride.

The sweet and subtle wedding perfume

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Blush is a light and airy floral perfume, perfect for anyone looking to wear their wedding perfume regularly once the celebrations are over. With notes of violet leaves, heart of rose and lily of the valley, this is an easy-to-wear perfume that will enhance, without distracting from, your beautiful wedding dress. For more Marc Jacobs Daisy scents, check out our guide to the whole collection.

The sexy wedding perfume

Inspired by the excitement and exhilaration of first falling in love, Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum is the ideal wedding day scent. Notes of pomegranate blossom meet lychee, raspberry and cashmere to create a sensual and sexy scent that will linger on your skin all day long.

The divine wedding perfume 

Every bride should feel like a goddess on her wedding day, and Jean Paul Gaultier's Divine Eau de Parfum will ensure just that. Described as a ‘delicious airy meringue caressed with a fresh salty kiss’, this scent is so addictive you’ll struggle to only keep it for special occasions.

Wedding scents for the groom

Wedding scents aren’t just for brides either. Some couples might choose a matching his and hers scent, such as the iconic Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous Eau de Parfum Intense and Paco Rabanne 1Million for Him Eau de Toilette, or share a unisex scent such as Bvlgari’s Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert Eau de Cologne Spray, which has neutral notes of coriander, orange blossom, mandarin and bergamot.

Whatever scent you choose, your wedding perfume will forever be your favourite smell, ready to take you back to your special day whenever you want to relive it.

For further inspiration, shop our fragrances here and try out our fragrance finder to find the best wedding perfume for you. And don’t forget to check out the Fragrance Direct blog for more articles on popular products and the latest perfume trends

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