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Signature scent

Signature scent
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What’s the ultimate goal of wearing perfume? To leave a lasting impression on those around you and to give an insight into who you are. Whether this is when you’re meeting someone for the first time or entering a room full of strangers, your scent says a lot about you and your unique style, so it is something important that should be prioritised.

To create your signature scent, you need to consider what tones and notes define you and what you want people to remember, from powdery and floral to woody and earthy. Are you positive and sweet, or do you think about things on a deeper level and have a muskier scent — these are the characteristics you need to think about when deciding the scent that best describes you. It will be the lingering memory that you’ll return to again and again.

How to find your signature scent

To help with your journey of signature scent discovery we’ve put together a perfume guide on how to choose a fragrance that’s perfect for your personal style.

What are the four fragrance families?

Your first step is to understand the different fragrance families there are available, to then think about which one best represents and resonates with you. The fragrance wheel by Michael Edwards helps to identify the different flavours and strengths available, and has particular subfamilies that help perfumers to understand what scents will blend better together.


This is usually the more feminine scent which has a flowery and sweet scent, and is one of the most popular families. These will smell of fresh cut flowers, with powdery tones and light and delicate notes. If you’re looking for a classic, attractive fragrance that is also quite versatile and can be worn both day and night, then floral scents are for you.

Our top picks:


Do you want to leave a sensual and sophisticated impression? This fragrance family focuses on warm, rich and slightly spicer notes such as sandalwood, vanilla and cedar. Both perfumes and aftershaves in these flavours are usually heavier and longer-lasting on the skin, making them ideal for later evenings.

Our top picks:


Usually found in aftershaves, the woody fragrance family can offer a mixture of notes from mossy woods of amber, earthy undertones to dry woods which have a strong, leathery scent to them. These perfumes are warm and rich with notes of sandalwood, oud and patchouli. Opt for woody fragrances if you’re wanting a seductive yet smooth scent.

Our top picks:


Looking to walk into a room like a breath of fresh air or a calming sea breeze? The fresh fragrance family will do just that. As expected, this family offers the smells of fresh cotton or zesty citrus with herbal and leafy undertones. If you want an effervescent and enthusiastic last impression then choose a fresh scent.

Our top picks:

What do you want your fragrance to say about you?

Once you’ve educated yourself on the fragrance family, you should consider how you want your signature scent to make you feel and more importantly, what you want it to say about you. Do you want heads to turn when you walk in the room or are you looking for something more subtle and mysterious? These are questions you should ask yourself, and when you’re sampling different scents should have these in mind.

We should also let you know that different fragrances last longer than others due to their concentration, so if this is something necessary for you, don’t forget!

Avoid fragrance trends

Trends come and go, but a signature scent should be unique to you and complement your personal style. And although trends are representative of the popular opinion of the time, with the price attached to some perfumes, you should try to avoid buying the scent your favourite celebrity or best friend is currently wearing. Read our advice on the different fragrance families to discover which scent is most suitable for you as this might not necessarily be the best-selling scent.

Sample with fragrance gift sets

Your fragrance should communicate exactly what you want and they smell different to everyone, so you should spend time with the scents to ensure it is portraying the right notes you want to spotlight. Small gift sets of multiple perfumes are a great way to try different scents from the same brand, to help you decide. Whether you’re buying a set for yourself or gifting it to someone else, at Fragrance Direct we have a plethora of gifts and sets to choose from and to kick start your personal signature scent discovery.

Our top picks:

Ready to kick start your signature scent journey?

Delve into our wonderful world of fragrances at Fragrance Direct, to help you to discover and decide what your signature scent will be. Explore our full collection of perfumes and aftershaves, or if you’re looking for more information on the different smells and notes of fragrances then don’t forget to check out the Fragrance Direct blog.

Fragrance Direct Blog
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