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The Secret To The Best Beachy Waves

The Secret To The Best Beachy Waves
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Through the summer months many of us prefer a more natural, sun kissed look so opt for minimal make-up and effortlessly un-styled hair.

For some this make’s life easier but for a lot of us wearing a bare face and leaving our hair to dry naturally doesn’t always look the way we imagined. So, for those of you who rock natural beachy waves through summer we envy you, but today we are here to help anyone who needs a little more help creating those timeless summer beachy locks.

Achieving a beach wave is heavily reliant on preparation, making sure you don’t over condition your hair when washing it is key. Your hair will hold if it is lighter and not too clean.

Towel drying your hair will leave your hair damp then coat your hair in sea salt spray or mousse whichever you prefer. Don’t go too close to your roots especially if using mouse as you don’t want any signs of grease.

You can let your hair dry naturally but when tested if your hair is naturally straight or frizzy this won’t give you the result you are after. So, we would recommend letting your hair dry in braids, depending on the volume you are trying to achieve braid your hair into a couple of pieces or numerous pieces and let it dry. Beach waves often look better when they start further down your hair so don’t be too concerned about braiding your hair from your scalp.

Or alternatively once your hair has dried with it having a dryer texture from the sea salt spray use a wand loosely and tousle the hair out with your fingers this will give you an effortlessly wavy look.

All the Products you will need to create this look you can find at Fragrance Direct, any bobbles or hair pins are all great value for money. Here are some of our recommendations;

Osmo Matt Sea Salt Spray – This mattifying textured spray comes in a 250 ml bottle and will give you the volume as well as giving you a gritty, rougher texture perfect for a long-lasting beach style finish.

The Sexy Hair Healthy Soy Renewal Beach Spray – This will also work to adding texture and nourishment to all hair types as it is enriched with argan oil this creates undone texture that looks like you’ve spent the day at the sea.

Giovanni Natural Mousse Styling Foam – This mousse a medium to firm hold and is designed to give hair maximum body, texture and thickness while not giving you any frizz.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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