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Reducing Anxiety With Skincare

Reducing Anxiety With Skincare
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Safe to say, it’s been a strange year. The global pandemic has thrown life as we know it into complete disarray, and we’re all having to adjust to brand-new routines and ways of doing things.

If you’ve been feeling the effects of stress and anxiety recently, you’re not alone. With lots of us working from home and spending more time indoors away from our family and friends, living in these unprecedented times is tough.

While everything is very much up in the air right now, there is one thing we can control – our skincare routines. Research suggests that sticking to a great skincare routine can do wonders for our mindset. Not only this, but stress and worry can have adverse effects on our skin, so it’s more important than ever that we keep on top of our cleansing and moisturising right now.

Let’s look at some of the symptoms of pandemic-related stress and anxiety. These include:

  • Struggling to switch off and relax
  • An increased heart rate  
  • Feeling restless, tense, or nervous
  • Oversleeping or being unable to drift off to sleep easily
  • Trouble concentrating on work and leisure activities

Read on to discover how a great skincare routine can help tackle anxiety. We’ll take you through some simple skin care tips and recommend some great products for a calm and refreshed complexion.

Take a break

Even though we might be restricted on where we can and can’t go, sticking to an effective skincare routine allows us to escape the pressures of the pandemic for a little while.

Beginning and ending the day by dedicating a little time to yourself can help ground you and provide respite from anxious thoughts, which is beneficial for both the mind and complexion. There’s also a sense of achievement from completing a routine, and this can counteract the loss of control.

Our lockdown picks

The skin is the biggest organ in your body, so any type of stress or anxiety will easily manifest itself. Suppose your skin is struggling to adjust to lockdown life. In that case, we recommend the Balance Me vitamin C face serum for its soothing effect and brightening qualities. Apply morning and evening for a plump complexion and a quick boost of energy.

Soothe the skin

Stress acne. It’s real. And it’s a vicious cycle, too. Stress caused by a change in routine leads to acne, which in turn causes more stress. Eek!

While it isn’t clear how stress and acne breakouts are connected, anxious thoughts definitely play a big part in triggering those pesky spots. If you’re dealing with this common problem, it’s essential to be kind to your skin.

Our lockdown picks

Start by introducing anti-inflammatory and acne-fighting products to promote healthy skin, if you haven’t done so already. We love the Dermalogica foaming wash for its lovely texture and deep cleansing abilities. Or for complete overnight care, try out the Dermalogica clearing gel to reduce inflammation while you sleep. And if you want to cover up your spots, check out our range of concealers to find just the right consistency for you.

Use moisturising products

Did you know that too much stress can dry out the skin and lead to peeling and flaking? When the body releases stress hormones, the sweat glands are activated, which causes our skin to become irritated and dehydrated. Since the lockdown period has resulted in increased stress for a lot of people, there’s a good chance we’re all dealing with super dry skin right now.

Our lockdown picks

Massaging the face with a highly moisturising product not only tackles the problem of dryness, but it also encourages a sense of calm and relaxation. Suppose you’re on the hunt for a new cream. In that case, we recommend the Elemis cream for its super hydrating and collagen-boosting formula. Don’t neglect the under-eye area, either. Discover our extensive range of eye care products for a happy, healthy complexion and mind.

Choose calming scents

It’s a well-known fact that essential oils and strong fragrances provide fantastic calming effects. This can help reduce anxiety and restlessness as well as promote a healthy mindset. For this reason, be sure to incorporate products infused with essential oils into your skincare routine, to help combat lockdown anxiety and leave your skin glowing.

Our lockdown picks

The Alteya Organics facial cleanser is a treat for the senses, the mind, and the skin! Infused with wonderful, regenerative essential oils, it works to cleanse the face of any impurities, leaving you with a soft, supple, and healthy complexion. It also helps to restore moisture balance and tackles the root problem of dry skin. Healthy skin equals a happy heart!

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

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Writer and expert
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