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Get To Know The Brand: Utopia Skincare

Get To Know The Brand: Utopia Skincare
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There are so many ways that the skin naturally changes as you age, and it can be quite a scary experience: your body stops producing as much collagen as it used to meaning the skin’s elasticity drops and looks less plump, it becomes dryer and fine lines and wrinkles become more visible. And as the menopause approaches, these changes can be accelerated and become more noticeable. Alongside everything else you suddenly find yourself going through, trying to find skincare products that can target these changes and adapt as needed can be difficult. That’s where the Utopia Skincare range comes in. Combining the best of anti-ageing technology from leading brands, this unique range does everything you want it to in the lead up to the menopause, during or after, and will transform how your skin looks and feels.

The Utopia Skincare Range Utopia Skincare offer one range of 6 products, making it simple and effortless for you to have a complete routine targeting all the skincare changes you’re experiencing.

Intensive Face Serum – This intensive base treatment plumps and hydrates the skin to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Hydrating Day Cream – This shielding day cream has SPF 30 and UVA protection, so will protect your skin from damage and keep it hydrated throughout the day.Nourishing Night Cream – This intensive overnight treatment revives, restores and protects as you sleep, resulting in firmer and more youthful looking skin.Instant Firming Eye Serum – This powerful instant firming serum has proven technology that gives the effect of a collagen injection after just 2 weeks’ use.Age-Defying Hand, Neck and Décolletage Serum – This unique 3-in-1 serum is specially formulated to tone and protect all 3 of these exposed areas of skin.Enriching Derma Gel – This premium gel is designed to moisturise and promote youthful-looking skin across your entire body.

Adaptive Skincare Technology

Utopia Skincare products have cutting-edge Adaptive Skincare Technology, meaning the ingredients can adapt to your skin’s individual needs. This is a great thing considering that everyone’s skin is so different, so whether you have dry or oily skin, age spots or fine lines and wrinkles, the formulas within each product adjust to help with any specific skin issues you may have.

Derma Complex

Another thing that’s really exciting about the Utopia Skincare range is that the products are powered by Derma Complex, which is a unique combination of 8 clinically-proven active ingredients designed to promote a youthful complexion. With such effective ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Seaweed Extracts and Phytohormones (which work to replenish the natural hormone deficit in mature skin), it’s no surprise that you can achieve outstanding results using these products. In an independent test by a panel of over 100 women aged over 40 using the Intensive Face Serum over 4 weeks…

• 86% said their skin felt rejuvenated • 81% said their fine lines appeared reduced • 82% said their skin tone looked more even • 82% said their skin radiance had improved • 84% would recommend Utopia to a friend

It’s no surprise the results that can be achieved considering the science behind what’s actually happening as you use the products! Unlike most skincare formulas, this synergistic complex uses nano-technology to penetrate beyond the surface layers of your skin, delivering effects deep into the epidermis and dermis layers where collagen production takes place and wrinkles start to form. This Derma Complex then restores and generates new, high quality collagen and elastin fibres to help rebuild your skin’s natural structure from within – resulting in firmer skin and reduced wrinkles.

Benefits of this unique Derma Complex: • Significantly reduces wrinkles • Protects against environmental aggressors such as UV, infra-red, oxidation and pollution • Firms, hydrates and brightens skin • Balances skin hormones to enable healthier skin performance • Refines pores and promotes an even skin tone

Stripped back and simple Although the science behind the Utopia Skincare products does sound quite complicated, the minimalist and adaptive approach to skincare that the brand takes along with offering a complete routine in just 6 products means that no matter what stage of life your skin is at, you never have to adjust your skincare regime.

It’s amazing what your skin can do with the right products and ingredients. Shop the Utopia Skincare range today and try them for yourself to see the results you can achieve.

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