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Beard Hygiene

Beard Hygiene
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Faecal hair ' FD investigates what lies beneath the beards of the UK's men -Spoiler alert- it's gross.

Take a walk down any UK street, or spend any time in any one of the many artisan coffee shops around the country and you're sure to spot plenty of guys with beards. But what's lurking underneath all that hair? And could any of the bacteria found there be bad for your health?

We wanted to know more so enlisted the help of the Microbiology Department at Manchester Metropolitan University to conduct a study, to reveal what kinds of bacteria the average beard contains. Research involved controlled swabbing of the beards of participants, and analysing the samples to reveal what germs beards frequently harbour ' spoiler alert ' it's gross.

A shocking 47% of the facial hair sampled contained the microorganism 'Enterococcus spp', which is commonly found in the human bowel and in faecal matter. The beards that contained these bacteria were of varied lengths and styles, meaning no facial hair is safe!

The majority of participants claimed they had washed their beards with soap on the same day as the test, but results suggest these men need a little guidance in the beard hygiene department. We have compiled some top tips to keep nasty bacteria at bay:

1. Wash your hands in the bathroom! This one seems like stating the obvious, but recent surveys have claimed around 60% of men don't actually wash their hands after using the toilet. A quick squirt of soap, massage, and a rinse post-toilet should be top of everyone's hygienic habits.

2. Make sure you shampoo Everyone knows to shampoo their head hair, but beards need some attention too. Try this Ted Baker Grooming Room Beard & Hair Shampoo to thoroughly clean and cleanse your beard in the shower.

3. Condition Too Caring for your beard is essential for its health, helping it stay fresh to keep the bacteria at bay. Try Beardsley Ultra Conditioner for Beards, for its antibiotic and astringent properties to keep your beard germ-free.

4. Maintain that moustache The Men's Society Moustache Grooming Kit is perfect for those who love their 'tash! With a pair of sharp scissors to trim any unruly hairs, a comb to keep it neat and finally moustache wax to give a bit of finesse!

5. Care for your beard in between showers To groom and tame that beard between washes, try this American Crew Beard Serum. It contains beneficial oils that instantly condition and keep hair soft and well-groomed, so your beard is not a habitat for unwanted germs.

Find more beard grooming essentials in the Fragrance Direct Men's Haircare section.
Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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