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Adult Acne – Why It Occurs And How To Deal With It

Adult Acne – Why It Occurs And How To Deal With It
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Acne doesn’t just plague teenagers and if you have had to deal with acne in later stages of your life, you’ll know how distressing it can be. Statistic show that 40% of women suffer from adult acne with the main cause being hormonal changes. Stress and sugar can induce acne

We know there is a definite link between acne and your refined sugar intake. Sugar increases insulin production and this has been shown in some studies to increase acne count, especially in women. Dairy also contains male-like hormones and these can also potentially trigger our sebaceous glands into clogging up. Stress hormones also garner a similar response. The lesson: try to reduce your intake of refined sugar and dairy if you’re suffering from acne flair ups and also take some time for yourself to destress, why not attend a yoga class or take a long bath once a week?

Contraceptives are trigger

Stopping the combined contraceptive pill is often a trigger for acne. Removing these hormones from your body and letting it get back to its natural rhythm can often be a process, but can also lead to oily, blemish prone skin.

Too much skincare can be harmful

Double cleansing, using balms and oils, long wear foundation, these can all cause havoc for the skin. The combination of products is potentially disastrous for acne prone skin as they can result in a sea of bumps and dull, congested skin. Try to avoid physical scrubbing or using cleansing brushes, these will just aggravate any acne and increase sensitivity.

If you do have acne prone skin, make sure you are using products that focus on keeping skin clear and pores unclogged. Why not try to have at least one makeup free day per week?


Troublesome acne can lead to complications with the skin for, in some cases months, after the actual breakout has disappeared which can cause even more frustration. However, what you might think is scarring can actually be discolouration, these are red marks that are left behind after a breakout. These will disappear in time and you just need to be patient with them, however scarring feels different from the rest of your skin. So, it could be a raised area or an indentation in the skin and this needs to be treated differently. For particularly bad scarring it is best to see a qualified dermatologist who can diagnose the best way to deal with the area.

Prevention is better than a cure

To prevent acne from forming you need to be using a topical retinoid at night with an anti-inflammatory agent like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Support this with non-clogging hydrating products to keep your skin functioning at its best. Use a gentle non foaming cleanser daily to make sure the skin is clean without clogging pores or stripping the skin of its natural oils and defences.

These are the products we would recommend for those struggling with breakouts no matter what your ages is:

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel – this cleanser is soap free and gently removes impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. Calming mint and lavender extracts soothe the skin while natural Quillaja Saponaria washes away toxins and debris for a super clean surface.

REN Clean Skincare Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate – this anti-ageing oil delivers retinoid results without irritation while enhancing skin vitality and radiance. It also helps lift and smooth the skin whilst keeping it super hydrated.

Alba Botanica Acne Oil Control Lotion – This lotion fights acne with 2% salicylic acid, it is super effective at keeping shine at bay whilst also hydrating the skin. It helps to clear out pores and keep breakouts at bay.

Hit The Spot Acne Patch – To deal with a breakout once it’s already reared its head you need these acne patches in your collection. They visibly reduce the size and inflammation of any breakouts overnight, you simply pop them onto clean, dry skin and they work at penetrating the breakout.

Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Booster – This treatment gel is aimed at teens however if you are suffering from any acne related issues it will definitely help! The fast-acting treatment is enriched with salicylic acid to help kill breakout-causing bacteria in as little as 15 minutes.

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