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Our Tips For Easy Eyebrow Maintenance

Our Tips For Easy Eyebrow Maintenance
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Your eyebrows are a major part of your look. Although it might be easy to side-line brow maintenance while you primp and preen other parts of your face, beauty experts will tell you that a little brow TLC can go a long way.

The trick is finding which style suits you and getting all the right tools and products to help you care for your brows long term. To give you some inspiration, here are our favourite brow cheats.

Shape and style

Brow shapes and style has varied massively over the decades. Currently, big and beautiful is the flavour of the day. But what if you're not blessed with bushier brows? Or, years of plucking, threading and waxing has already depleted your once-glorious eyebrows?

The best advice is to leave your brows to grow for at least six to eight weeks before creating your style. That way, you can see the natural shape of your brows and work from there. You can even encourage hair growth by rubbing a small amount of Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly on the brow area.

Preparing for plucking

Beauty pros will tell you to find the start of your brows by holding a pencil from the middle of your nostril. The end of your brow should finish at the outer corner of your eye, with the arch falling at the outer edge of your iris.

With that mapped out, youƒ??ll be ready to tweeze! But not before you've prepped the skin first. Using a facial oil like Bio Oil's Treatment with Purcellin Oil will allow hairs to be tweezed easier, and it will moisturise that sensitive area of your face to reduce the stress on your skin. The rule of thumb is to always pluck one hair at a time, in the direction of the hair growth and in natural daylight.

Brow makeup

Perhaps your brows need a little extra help to look at defined as possible. If you do have lighter hairs or even holes in your brows a good eyebrow pencil like Technic's Brow Pencil & Definer Brush can make all the difference.

With any brow makeup, always select a colour closest to your own natural brow shade. If you really want brows that pop, go over the pencil with a powder in a similar shade, with a product like Collection 2000's Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder. Then, finish with brow mascara, such as Bourjois's Brow Design Mascara.

Minimalist gels

If you have brows to be proud of, flaunting them with just a little gel can dramatically improve your final look. Gels like Billion Dollar Brows' Brow Gel are clear and give you a simple, effective way of keeping those brows groomed and in place. Or, you can go for a gel with a colour tint to even out hair tone and increase definition across your brows.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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