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Summer Hair Goals 2020: Styles, Cut & Colour

Summer Hair Goals 2020: Styles, Cut & Colour
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Sunshine, warm weather, cocktails, cute shorts and dresses are just a few of our favourite things the summer brings with it each year but what’s even more fun in the beauty department is hair. Whether you’re the type to need it fully up and away from your face while you soak up some rays or you enjoy experimenting with different styles and accessories, this summer hairstyle inspiration may be just what you ordered!

Before we jump into all of this inspirational summer hairstyle goodness, the key to good hair is putting aside the time to care for it. From hair wash co-ords to luscious styling treatments we have so many incredible brands to shop from at Fragrance Direct. Don’t forget to check them out after you’ve picked your dream hairstyle!

1. Trendy Space Buns

Super trendy and original, this hairstyle is great for curly, more textured hair. Featuring cute plaits at the front finished with hair jewels as the roots and mid-lengths to frame the face with two space buns giving us major Princess Leia vibes, we’re loving this style.

2. Summer Dreads

If you’re sporting dreads this summer, hair jewellery is definitely the way to go. The little pieces of silver or gold-plated clips and accessories catch the sun perfectly and will give your hair that look as if it’s sparkling and wet. This is an uber-trendy hairstyle that would also make some great pictures for the gram.

3. Contrast Lob

Is your hair just so naturally straight that it struggles to hold a curl? A diagonal-parted lob (long bob) could be just the thing. When it comes to blonde hair today, a huge trend is having naturally blended roots drawn out to make an edgy contrast. This is also a great style that takes minimal effort.

4. Long Dutch Braids

Been dedicated to growing lovely long locks and going for the chop just isn’t an option? This simple yet stunning summer hairstyle is perfect. Middle parting, strands to frame the face and two Dutch braids finished with hair ties at the bottom of the head before wrapping more hair to cover… this one looks great!

5. The Plaited Low Bun

Now, this one is slightly more complicated but let’s roll with it. All you need to do to recreate this gorgeous summery bohemian style is plait a few pieces of hair towards the front of your face before bringing them to the back to tie in a low bun. The looser the better for an effortless look.

6. Ultimate Curly Updo

The prettiest of summer updos! A messy bun is iconic but with just that little bit of extra effort to create some curls (if you weren’t blessed with them naturally), you can take your bun to a whole other level. Framing the face is key to achieve that effortless, “I’ve just rolled out of bed” look and styled with some statement earrings and necklace, this summer hairstyle is amazing.

7. Rocker Chic Short Cut

Feeling brave enough to go for the ultimate chop, this hairstyle is amazing. It’s giving us major rock goddess vibes, and with winged eyeliner and a bold lip, you’ll have a new signature style in no time. If you’re trying not to use so much heat on your hair this summer, try letting your hair dry naturally to find your own unique wave.

8. The New Down

Up and over, it’s as simple as that. If you’re lucky enough to have super long curly hair, whether it’s natural or you have the help of extensions, a gorgeous way to wear this hair is to go for an extreme side parting and bring your hair to sit over one shoulder. To add extra texture, you could add styling products like salt sprays or curl lotions, and you’ll be looking like a model in no time!

9. Space Buns Meets Full Fringe

Space buns and a fringe, now that’s a pretty summer hairstyle. No matter your hair type, this style looks great on curly textured hair and it would look just as cute on a subtle wavy or straight type of hair too. The full fringe really does give it that extra oomph and statement jewellery is always guaranteed to take your look further too.

10. Hair Bubble Ponytail

There’s just something about this summer hairstyle that looks so funky yet it’s really not a hard one to recreate. All you’ll need is 5-8 bobbles depending on how long your hair is. Start by tying your hair back into a ponytail, level with your ears then start adding more bobbles as you make your way down. To get that puffy, bubble-like look, lightly pull out the outer sections of each in each part and there you have it!

Images: PinterestThank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!
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