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Himalayan Pink Salt – The Benefits

Himalayan Pink Salt – The Benefits
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Have you heard about Himalayan Pink Salt? We are talking about a salt which can be the answer to many skin woes that we suffer with due to environmental issues, everyday stresses and hormonal changes. Himalayan Pink Salt is known for being the purest salt available to us, with being 98% sodium chloride this is a pure, unspoiled, oxygen rich, nutrient full substance which is small enough for our body to absorb providing our skin with numerous benefits.

There are numerous benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt to the body such as lowering blood pressure but today we are focusing on the benefits to your skin.

Balancing out your pH Levels – You’re skins ability to fight environmental stresses and infections can be affected by the pH level, side effects to your pH level being to alkaline or acidic could result in eczema, rosacea or dermatitis. Your diet, smoking, water, the sun and pollution are all factors than can sway your balance so using a facewash with pH balancing or soaking a cotton pad in a cup of dissolved Himalayan pink salt will help keep or this conditions at bay.

Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells – Salt scrubs have been around for years, but Himalayan Pink Salt are the new thing! They work to remove dead skin cells increasing the speed of cell turnover, leaving your skin silky soft and glowing.

Treat Acne – Himalayan pink salt is a natural antiseptic so can kill bacteria that leads to acne. It removes excess oil meaning any oily build ups which can could outbreaks will be cleansed and it balances of pH levels which can also be the cause of acne breakouts. Looking for Himalayan pink salt in a toner will massively improve your skins appearance.

Skin Detoxifier- Running yourself a bath with Himalayan pink salt’s will therapeutically benefit your body as well as remove any toxins from your skin. Removing any grime, dirt or bacteria from your pores will prevent breakouts and keep your skin in the best condition. Adding a couple of handfuls of salts into your bath will allow you to really see the benefits, and who doesn’t love an excuse to have a candle lite bath?

Decreases fine lines and wrinkles – Himalayan Pink Salt gets rid of free radicals and other substances in the air that may have caused signs of pre-aging such as lines, dull areas or dark circles. Not only that it can help you sleep, and everyone knows the more sleep you get the better you look.

Scalp Care – If you suffer with dry skin or dandruff on your scalp using Himalayan pink salt will allow you to cleanse your skin, improving hair follicles and its ability to grow. You should treat you scalp like an extension of your face and use products that will help nourish the skin not only wash your hair.

Himalayan Pink Salt can be used in face scrubs, toners, mists, body scrubs and detox bath products but here at Fragrance Direct we have a range of products for everyone’s budget. A favourite is the Isla Apothecary Himalayan Salt Soak perfect for encouraging cell growth and problematic or mature skin.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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