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Man Magnet Makeup!

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Whether you've already bagged that big date or you're hoping this February 14th will be the day your charms finally win him over, FD is here to give Cupid a helping hand. We unveil the beauty looks he'll love, along with the products and techniques to help you get them right. It's seduction time!

The 'kiss me now' pout...

There is much debate about the lips men really want to kiss. Yes, red lips look luscious but will the fear of wearing it afterwards put him off? Gloss is incredibly eye-catching but will a matte pout last the kiss better? Here are the rules to keep you pout-perfect, whichever route you take: '½ Go plump or go home: Plumped up lips will always be a hit, so choose a product capable of giving your smoochers a boost and you won't need high-pigment colour. We love Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze, £2.49 - the selection of shades means that no matter what your natural lip colour, you'll find the perfect option to subtly enhance your pout. '½ Look for long-lasting: Dinner, drinks, passion-filled kisses *sigh*' Your lippy has a lot to stand up to, so choose a long-wear option such as Maybelline Superstay 14H Lipstick, £1.99 for maximum longevity. '½ Expect to reapply: To keep things fresh, keep your lip product with you so you can fully remove and reapply it after eating. '½ Keep lips kissable: Whether you've gone for colour or you're staying au naturele, having a balm on-hand will let you maintain eminently kissable lips at all times. We love The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter, £1.99. '½ It's high time you highlighted: Add a touch of highlighter to your Cupid's bow - it's perfect for making your lips look fuller.

Heavenly Hair...

Full locks look healthy and youthful, so prep yours for some serious volume! Before you set out to seduce, wash your hair with specialist volumising products; Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Elevating Shampoo, £11.99, and conditioner, £13, are perfect and have a delicious scent to draw him in, too. Blow dry using our Technique Masterclass guide here, but be sure to go easy on the hairspray at the end - everyone prefers touchable tresses to crispy clumps!

The dream girl glow... Skin that radiates health is the dream; so let's fake it! Grab a highlighter such as Fashionista Fashion Secret Skin Brightening Highlighter, £3.99, and wear it over or under your foundation to enhance your brow bones and cheekbones. Next, go pro by applying it to your collarbone and dǸcolletage for an all-over glow, before sweeping it down the centre of your legs for a sneaky slimming effect.

The ultimate seductive flutter... It's all in the lashes. A good mascara really enhances your eyes - your flirtiest feature. Start by curling your lashes then choose a mascara that promises to separate and maximise each lash. Try Royal Cosmetics Lashed Out Metal Eyelash Curler, £1.50 and L'Oreal Volume Millions de Cils Mascara, £4.99, for a fanned-out effect.

Eyes that radiate health... To boost that wide-eyed effect, line the inner rim of each eye with a white eyeliner pencil - it'll make you look healthier too as it enhances the whites of your eyes. Try MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating, £11.99.

A look that does the talking...

A sweep of black liquid liner across the upper lash line and outwards in a gentle flick extends the look of your lashes, giving your gaze a slightly heavy-eyed, seductive quality. Think more 'Marilyn Monroe' than 'you're making me sleepy' and he'll be hooked.

Where will you be rocking your Valentine's Day makeup? We'd love to hear about your loved-up looks! Why not get in touch?

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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